The Doc’s Legacy

Wearily, I had returned to our temporary Data Center. The talk with Capt. Travis had been encouraging and we had Ash on the wake up schedule! The command computer was asking for a new cube which meant we were making progress. The 3 Ice Cube array I was writing as an index was coming along well. Well, if Ash could make sense of half of this stuff. I had just slumped in my chair when Mariana came equally as wearily into the room and slumped into another Chair.

“Well sweetheart,” she said, “I am here to talk you out of one of your babies there to run our Lab and fast!”

I looked confused, “This fast, why?”

She smiled, “It turns out that Dave Webber is a better tech than he claims and Linda is better than she gives herself credit for! We have a fully functional Lab, transportable no less; ripping ready to go except for one little problem. No high speed, high capacity, non purpose built computer!”

Laughing I replied, “I can spare one as I have the Commo thru the Wormhole problem solved. But I do not have the software to run a Bio Lab!”

She actually laughed as she pulled a small case from her pocket containing 2 Ice Cubes, “Do you still think you are the only one who can run smart? Full Protocols for up to Level 5 and even tailored for those little brutes of yours!”

I just sat stunned, “Wow, you did come ready. But, again why the rush?”

She grimaced, “Because every drug and treatment on this vessel that Dr. Van Vogt had a chance to touch has to be tested and verified before it can be used! The only exception is the stuff in Cyro as he refused to enter there!”

“My God woman, a crooked Doc is scarier than a whole squad of Force Recon armed to the teeth. He could have sabotaged everything on this vessel thinking no one could figure it out!”

She stared at the roof for a moment, “And what if I had not found a Dave and a Linda. Where would we be if He had done something and people just started dieing?”

I replied, “It would simply have destroyed any hope this colony attempt would have had. Which if you think about it, was his job!”

She grinned, “Right and it’s my job to make sure it don’t happen. I got a miracle when those two people found me and we need to throw it over the whole colony. Right now this group has no need for Magic and the Reaper; they need Dr. and Dr. Stuart. So gimme my Command and Control unit and let me get started.”

“OK, give me five and you got it.” This said as I began breaking #5 out of the end-link. “By the way I am waking up Ash.”

She grunted, “Are you sure you are not crazy?”

I replied, “One, I need him to have any hope of this project making any sense. Two, Bart and the Capt. want him to answer some questions for them. Three, Ash know now’s both of us are crazy. Remember he finally had to stare right into the face of those MPD alter egos of ours. I betting that may have shaken him up worse than you believe.”

As I handed her the unit she said simply, “I hope so I am tired of getting his behind out of trouble!”

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