What Happened to Him?

Sally Kellerman

We split off from Mariana and Conner and started across the Last Stop when I saw a sight that stopped me in my tracks.  My Husband sitting at the end of the bar with a bottle in front of him.  One small problem, Kurt did not drink.  He was too protective of his precious Surgeons skills to mess up his bod that way.  Yet there He sat!

I first went to Hanna and asked,” What did Kurt say he was doing Hanna?”

She gave me a wry grin,” He was mumbling stuff about Redneck Southern Mad Dogs but, if anybody ever needed a drink it was him!”

“OK thanks, I think.” I grimaced.

Hanna just stared at me, “Girl I have no idea what went on this morning but, I think you have one chance to save that boy.  For sure as God made little green apples, something kicked him right where he needed it!”

I walked over to the slumped figure and said, “I didn’t think you drank that stuff?”

The face that looked at me was more like a wounded animal than a man.  “That was before someone shoved a mirror up my nose, and I did not like what I saw!”

“What,” I asked speechless!

“Look 30 feet to your right.  There sits a man I tried to humble and degrade just like I have everyone for ten years.  Including, as I remember you!  Well, he would not take it.” He gave a small sick grin, “I understand it runs in the family!  Do you know what it feels like to be sure you are going to die; and then be dismissed as not worth the price of a bullet!”

His face looked like a graveyard, “You are right sweetheart, I have not drunk a drop since my last Shock/Trauma shift but, I seriously need to kill what stands between now and then.  This is the only acceptable way I can think of! Maybe, I can even forget some things!”

I made one swift decision, that was in fact my last chance.  “OK, don’t puke on the floor of the room. And, tell me when you are ready to talk.  Because then, it’s my turn”

His shocked, drawn face was worth it!

I turned away and moved to the center of the room where Linda was waiting, hoping no one could read my face!

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