From The Strangest Places

I was just leaving the sleeping tent just after dawn on Day 0:2 not that I had been doing much of that lately the last few nights since we had landed especially. God knows I deserved every bit of it and Sally had ten years worth saved up but, no matter how deserved a constant flow made you want to go back to your uncaring self. Seeing one face I did not want to deal with I turned down towards the river.

“Kellerman halt,” barked the cold southern drawl of Ash Andrews. Grimacing I turned slowly around to see a face that looked more haggard and drawn than mine did.

“How would yall like a chance for redemption?”

I know my jaw dropped off my boot tops, “What are you talking about you are the last person I would expect to give me a break!”

“What, you were an asshole I told you so to your face; shoved it up your nose if I remember correctly. Anybody with an ear knows Sally’s been shoving it up your behind ever since. Guess what, I been called an asshole before also, I’m still here! And this is simple, right up your alley and bound to get you a pass from a few people especially Andy. And believe me that be one Ace you want in your hand bubba.”

I was more than a little stunned, “What is it I need to do?”

“You are going to be working in the Lab; all you have to do is run a comparison between a control DNA sample and one taken on the ship. When you find what you find I have a third file for you to see!”

“But we only have eight control samples and three of those are dead. Whose sample are you talking about and why?”

“Mariana’s and when you find what I am sure you are going to find, you won’t have to ask. By the by, I plan to be out of thrown object range when Andy finds out. He might just destroy wherever He’s at.”

“What in the hell do you think I am going to find and what’s in that third file?”

“You find the medical result you find and if I am right. The file is proof of how the UNWG altered her medical records!”

“Dear God, how?”

“I not gonna give yall a lead Yankee, if yall ain’t good enough to find it. No damn redemption in sight bubba!”

“Where are you going,” I asked.

“Landing Field, I gotta slay my own damn Dragon!” With that, he turned and left!

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