We’ve finally landed!

Day 2
I can’t believe I’m sitting on a new planet. I also can’t believe how much it is like Earth. While the plants look different, they are also familiar enough to put us at ease. Hell, there’s even drinkable water.

I’ve been busy helping unload the cargo and setting things up. Basically doing whatever needs to be done. Many are like me, though some have specialties that have them working on specific tasks.

Like the saw mill operation. Amazing we can cut the trees like we can at home (well, our old home). Everything went smoothly until we woke up in the morning to curses flying like bullets. Ha! That should teach us to assume that just because it looks familiar means that it will act familiar :) Poor guys, all that work for nothing.

With more colonists coming down, I was able to take a few hours off and roam the immediate area. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see everything, even though right now it mostly involves plants.

I love the wildflowers. There’s this one that has a really fat stalk with no leaves, with round “heads” of flowers. Like an allium but with multiple “balls” from the same stalk. The balls are either blue or yellow, and I saw one that has a ball of mainly blue but some individual flowers being yellow. It looks really cool.

The grass in the “meadow” is fairly long, but only knee-high so it is not too bad to walk through. I went to the forest wall and peeked in. Saw a lot of fern-like things, some green, some purplish, all mostly short. I found some pods on the ground, though not sure where they came from. They are a dark brown, round and have a fairly thin shell — I accidentally stepped on one and it cracked right open. Inside were these little beads that must have been seeds. I picked another one up and shook it, and you can hear all the beads moving around. It makes a neat sound, and might make a good rattle.

Unfortunately, the suns started to set so I had to head back to camp, eager to see more yet fulfilled at the same time. What a great feeling.

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