How on Alchibah did such dumb folk get here? Seriously!

I was walking to the kitchen when I overheard some people discussing homes and such. This one guy, turns out it was Les Raye, comes in and starts bitching about how they wouldn’t give him any wood to start his house.

That stopped me cold. What? House? You’re ready to start a house and we barely have a kitchen?

After he started on about how this group needs to stake claim to their land and how else but to start building their homes.

I couldn’t just stand there anymore, so I gave him a peace of my mind. I can’t give you specifics as it all happened so fast, and I barely came up for breath.

Basically, I told him there was no way anyone is ready to build houses, or even decide whose land is whose. We have far more important things to figure out, and to build, and the last thing we all need are houses.

I also said that they obviously didn’t have enough things to do or they wouldn’t even have time to think of such things. And that they better start helping carry their weight.

The looks on their faces was priceless. All gaping mouths and looking dumbfounded. Dumb indeed.

But then the “leader” (Les again) had to open his big mouth, explaining that he wasn’t the labor type and some BS like that.

I informed him that neither was I — I went to university, had a good government job, and never built a thing in my life, but what else did we expect? We knew we were coming to a new planet, and had to start from scratch. Of course there would be labor involved, doing things we had never done before! How did you get on this trip if you didn’t know that? What kind of dumbass are you?

He didn’t care for that. Young lady this, and young lady that, mind who you’re talking to.

So I punched him in the face.

Then I went back to the cargo area. I couldn’t even remember what I wanted from the kitchen in the first place.

Now my hand hurts. Had never punched anyone before (don’t even know if I did it right). But this planet is a place for firsts isn’t it?

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