Day 5 Meanderings

Day 5 

The meeting hall is almost done, just another day or two.  Then I believe we’re having a colony meeting….that should be interesting. 

I was talking with Travis and some others about supplies, and they weren’t completely sure how we were doing – things have been happening so quickly that no one has been keeping a close eye on inventory.  I volunteered to help track things, and they said they’d take that into consideration.  I have experience with spreadsheets and financial analysis from my old job, so while it isn’t exactly the same, it is probably the closest thing I can find.  There won’t be much need for financial analysis for a long while!

I helped Janie with setting up 2 of the windmills yesterday.  It was fun to see more of the area, and to do something completely different.  And it was the first time I spent any real time with my robot, R.LeGuin.  It was very odd (and a little creepy), but I’m starting to get used to it.  I’m not sure yet how I want my bot to address me.  Janie’s kept calling her Miss Janie, which Janie hated, but I got used to it and it seemed like a decent idea.  It helps to remind us that they are not our equals.  Geez, that sounds terrible.  But robots make me uneasy….did you ever see that old movie AI?  Luckily these guys aren’t nearly as advanced as those in the scifi novels….and I hope they never are.

I’m going to swing by the lab and see if I can get a look at the new plants and animals they’ve collected (like the giant slizard!).  That is the most exciting part of the whole experience.  Maybe if I don’t end up with inventory or something, they’ll take me as helper over there.  But then again, not sure if I could disect anything :)

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