What You Thought I Knew

Ash Andrews

After Kurt left I finished transferring my data into the wrist comp memory and then called Travis.

“Capt. Travis, A. Andrews priority request!” The net always took long enough to find Travis that you never were sure where he was!

Eventually, “Andrews, Travis here what is the priority?”

“I have a file to send that has specific times and look angles for four separate locations in Alchibah space. Each location has between six and eight look times. It’s going to take at least three days to get all these looks, assuming Mayflower maintains current orbit!”

“Your down to only four locations?” Travis queried.

“Yep, only four spots I can not exclude. You have no idea of the sheer power of Andy’s array when it’s time to crunch numbers!”

“I am going to have to see that someday but I see results already. Your observations should be a good final exam for the sensor operators we are just finishing training. Of course Monroe or myself will check their work and redo any that are shaky. Please send the file directly to the bridge if you could. Anything else?”

“Nothing else I can think of and thanks!”

Breaking the connection I quickly made contact with the Mayflower bridge and uploaded the file. While the file was uploading I could hear the bridge chatter in the background and the excitement was rather noticeable.

With that out of the way I grabbed my kit and headed for the showers. For the first time in weeks, I had nothing to do!

I had been asleep for maybe an hour and a half when my mil-spec wrist comp went off in “Wake the Dead” mode! As I pretty well resembled that description it took 5 rings for me to answer. Kurt it seemed was quite upset. I drug my bod into my clothes and headed over the bluff for the lab!

When I got there I knew one thing the rehab project had been a successes. Kurt Kellerman was the absolute picture of a PO’d MD in his realm.

“Ash, what the hell is this crap?”

“Kurt, you tell me! Do I look like an MD? All I have is a file of code that’s buried in Mariana’s medical chip and the same code in a file I took from the chief Security Goon on the Cruiser I was piloting. The fact that He was Mariana’s EX makes it dangerous as hell. What if some asshole like Reye’s got it and claimed she was UNWG trying to hide something. I have no idea what it means or how it affects anything. You are the MD, you tell me!” There was no way I was going to admit that I had guessed roughly what it was and had been running this whole play drawing to an inside straight!

He looked absolutely stunned, “You mean you have no idea what you are looking at?”

“One more time, I am an Engineer. I am not a Medical Doctor; I have no damn idea!” Pulling out the two chairs I motioned at one and said, “So sit down and explain to the engineer.”

Kurt leaned back and sighed, “What you have is a clear cut case of altered DNA scans. Mariana’s before scans are clearly of a genome that can not produce viable offspring. The one’s I took this morning (with the exception of some vagaries in the brain areas) are of what should be a human brood mare! Someone has deliberately sabotaged her DNA scans!”

I just leaned back and groaned, “No doubt you are right Kurt. But, that deception caused a UNWG forced abortion and an active implant to prevent inception. That’s why they can’t have kids! And of course the UNWG put the active implant that can not be removed into her!”

Kurt just starred and me for what seemed an hour but, could not have been more than seconds.

“It can’t be removed but, it can be stopped! What the hell do you think got me in hot water with the UNWG. I developed a procedure in case we made a mistake. Little did I know that suggesting that the omnipotent UNWG could make a mistake was death to your career. If I only had the Radio Frequency support I had back then, I could kill this thing!”

I stared at Kurt for at least a minute, “That’s all you need, RF Engineering? Boy, you are a damn hero!”

As Kurt stared, I was calling into my wrist comp, “Reaper, Ghost; Scramble HOT. Bio-Lab, alone and Hype!”

“Kurt, you better let me handle the first part of this. But be ready for your cue and be more that ready to talk specs in a hurry!”

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