Relatively painless

 Inconceivable! Not only has Imperial Earth gotten wind of our plans, that fool Hamilton has broadcast a rather dramatic change of plans. Hopefully, that won’t damage my own. Fortunately, I was ready ahead of time.  The smelter, mine, and mill blueprints are already concealed among in the lining my my oversized suitcase, as are my other plans. Everything is packed, my weapons, computer and and tailoring equipment are in my barely-legal backpack, and my clothing and survival gear is in my suitcase. I’ve already arranged for me and my crew to bypass security. Senator O’Connor was glad to exchange a security waiver for some… favors.

They’ll be waiting for my signal before they dock. If it’s a trap, the C-12 laced throughout my shuttle will take the whole damn station with me.

Alright. We’ve docked. I’ve always liked big structures, it’s fun wondering through everything. My crew reports no problems with security, apparently the good senator called ahead. Well, the more documentation the better. All of our bags are stowed, and we’re awaiting departure. Oh, great.


“You there! Name and purpose!”

I hate people, especially stupid people with badges. “Leave me alone, you self-inflated fool, I have a waiver from O’Connor.”

“I have reason to believe this is a forgery-”

“The F- you do!”

The meathead grabs his stick, and says, “You’re coming with me, let’s go.”

Wow, my luck sometimes does incredible things.

“There he is! Go ask him, boyo.”

This brilliant guard recognizes O’Connor and blinks. Then he goes over to speak with O’Connor while his lackeys wait here.

Sometimes, I love stupid people.

As soon as Officer Forgery points at me, O’Connor draws his pistol and shoots point-blank. Naturally, both remaining guards disappear. I decide it’s best to wait aboard the cruiser, rather than risk additional attention, and now’s probably the best time anyway. Before we get on, I remotely launch the beacon from my shuttle. Hopefully, it’ll be far enough away to look right when I’m activating it.

 Jack Of Blades.

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