Bring One to the Light


I took Walt up towards the bluff line with me and saw the two figures crouching on the military crest of the bluff and thought how many generations of Stuart women had come upon this scene in the dark. The Laird and Thain squatting in the darkness with the Prince of the Clan. For that they were and Ash’s son would be the next Laird, as I could not give Andy the honor! Just as we approached Ash stood up and said, “I better get, this next part ain’t for me!” There was more to the Hound Dog than many (especially ME) wanted to admit.

As Ash walked off I decided to get right to it, “Walt Davis allow me to introduce you to Dr. Andrew William Walker Stuart, known socially as Andy, professionally as Andy Stuart, militarily as Col. Stuart and in the back alleys as the Reaper. And in derogatory circles as my lesser half!”


I stood and turned, “Only in the presence of the female of the species am I the lesser half. Good evening Walt, don’t I know you as Wirehead?”

His look was priceless as well as his sputtered response, “Dr. Stuart, I mean Sir; how could you be the Reaper. I saw you up on the cruiser but, you are a legend in Communications; you can’t be the Reaper!”

“See anybody around here who could pass for me? If you are truly leaving the “Dark Side”, get it straight the two ain’t mutually exclusive. You can actually be smart and dangerous in the same package. I do not care what the UNWG pounded into your head. That’s why Alchibah is going to work, because we are leaving that shit behind! So, what did you do that got Jack to drag you into the hell storm that the cruiser assault could have been.”

He looked me straight in the eye and said, “Sir, the name is Walt Davis and I am a deserter from the UNWG Orbital Special Operations.”

I paused and said, “Son, those assholes are a long way away from here. Head down the bluff and find Ash, tell him you are bunking with him tonight. He’s got two bunks! And tomorrow we will go get your share of the common gear.”

“Andy, Jack’s not going to like that!”

“Damn Walt, promise me please!”

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