Warning: Town Meeting

Colony Meeting
on Day 7, at 8:00 AM
Community Center (U1)
All colonists of legal age (not yet established,) are hereby notified and warned to meet at the Community Center (town meeting house) on Day Seven at Eight AM to transact the following business not involving voting by secret ballot except for the actual voting at the conclusion of the meeting.Articles of Business:

1. To appoint a moderator for town meetings for a period of one Alchiban year. Captain Travis will conduct this point.

2. To decide on a form of “government” by our town, whether by Mayor, Council, Select Board, Republic, or some other plan. To decide upon a “term” of offices and whether that term is renewable or is a “term limit.” As an example, we could decide on a lottery system where people serve for only one Alchiban year (about three Earth years).

3. To decide on how those town “officials” will be selected, whether by vote, lottery, or some other means.

4. To decide on a “legal age” for colonists.

At 10 O’Clock, Mid Day, we will adjourn for two hours for lunch and private discussion among colonists. Town meeting will resume at 2 PM (Two hours past Mid Day) to continue the Town Meeting.

5. Before voting on who will lead us, we will decide as a group upon a monetary or barter or other system to establish how we will be rewarded for work done, goods provided or bought, and so on.

6. To decide upon a fair system to recognize claims to land; to establish a system of homesteading, land allocation, and property rights.

7. Nominations for what ever positions had been decided upon during article 2. Any nominees must agree to abide by the decisions of the colonists regarding the previous articles.

8. By “Australian Ballot” which means a secret vote, with votes going to The Reporter
we will elect our government.

Finally, regardless of time of day or night, we will adjourn for a feast to celebrate Colony Meeting Day and our selected form of government.

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