Loose Ends, Loose Ends

Day 5 0:dark:30

Getting these days started well before first light was getting old. I drug myself over to Ash’s tent and woke him up. When I could see he was actually awake I filled him in.

“OK Ash you have two jobs this morning. First take number 4 out of the array with the second display and keyboard and get it over to the Lab and get it linked with number 5 that’s already there. Then pull the samples control database program off of Mariana’s memory bank. Get it up and running and hand it to Kara. Second, take Walt over to the common stores tent and pull his share; no more and no less! Then, start getting him set up on the triangle point right behind us!”

He just yawned at me, “Number one’s a piece of cake. Are you sure you want me doing number two and what are you going to be doing?”

“I know the network job is no problem for you. I don’t think anything is going to happen at the supplies tent. Nobody is going to do anything stupid after last night, not with this ‘Town Meeting’ coming up. I am going to be dragging that damn slizzard from here to the Lab the long way around!”

Ash just gave a grunt and asked, “Then what?”

“By then I’ll be back and I have a little job for Walt, you and I need to throw together plans for the Hydro plant! By the way did you know Walt got the nickname Wirehead because he’s a communications Tech 1st? It was in that database you salvaged.” The light in Ash’s eyes was worth the early hour!

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