6. Town Meeting — What’s in a Name?

Day 7
. . . Travis continued, “The first order of business is to choose a town moderator. This is someone who will simply run the meeting, and any future meetings, for one year, or until the next town meeting involving elections. It’s not considered a position of authority other than to maintain order in the meeting itself. Rocco and I will assist as temporary “sergeant-at-arms” if things get out of hand. So,” he paused, “Are there any nominations?”

There were a few but in the end, almost by default the job went to Historian himself. Travis and Historian switched places and Historian looked out almost sheepishly and said, “I would like to start off with one item not listed in the warning. Could we, perhaps, give this town of ours a name?”

There was some laughter from many and potential names began to fly.

At this point, I, as the Historian, am going to switch the proceeds of the Town Meeting to individual recordings as each piece of business is considered. . .

I said to all, “So, what shall we call this wonderous new city, the birthplace of our future history?”

25 Responses to “6. Town Meeting — What’s in a Name?”

  1. Andy Stuart Says:

    Anything but “Landing”, care to peruse about 6 ice cubes of Sci-Fi to see how badly that’s been beat up! “Cue sound of retching in background” Other than that I formally have no dog in this hunt!

  2. Rocco Says:

    Come now, Andy, you must care about what we all shall call this here town! I’d like to call it Liberty.

  3. Andy Stuart Says:

    That would work for me! But as I say I have no real favorite, just some I am dead set against! Do not wish to start the conversation with negatives. NO’s and negatives is why we are here, would rather listen and then support something that caught my fancy.

  4. Kurt Kellerman Says:

    As I prepare to duck the thrown coffee cup from Ash, why not Rebirth.

    For is that not what we intend here — a rebirth of the liberty for which we all long for so greatly? To establish a place where free thought and innovation are again allowed to flourish!

  5. Les Reye Says:

    Mr. Moderator…. Is that the proper form of address in meetings such as this? I am more familiar naturally with how things were done in my former city and state legislature. As a tribute to, and in recognition of, how we all came to be here, I think “Hamilton” or “Hamilton’s Hope” would merit consideration. Every time I think or hear of a new possible name I say it aloud then and add Alchibah at the end. Should we get enough names suggested we might consider having a first or several anti-votes where we strike from the list those names some find unpalatable and have a final naming vote when we are down to a reasonable number of suitable choices….. Thank you Sir.

  6. The Historian Says:

    And I was just getting used to being called, “Histy…”

    Thank you for your suggestion, Mr. Reye, but I think I can honestly say that Hamilton would have shunned the honor from modesty. I suspect he’d want the name to reflect YOUR HOPES instead.

  7. Frank Turner Says:

    Histy…Er Mr. Moderator Sir.
    Without getting all fancy here I am kinda partial to Newberg. Simple and to the point and anyone can read into it what they will.

  8. Janie Cantarubias Says:

    Anything we name the town is going to sound strange at first but something like Founders Town would work for me.

  9. Connor Benjamin Says:

    I think Kurt has the right idea. Rebirth definitely has a ring to it. What about Lazarus? They seem appropriate; in a very real way we are trying to resurrect the hopes and dreams of generations in what human institutions can be.

  10. Mariana Stuart Says:

    Histy - just so Mr. Moderator don’t go to Yall’s head because I only have one thought of what this place means to the UNWG. I slowly raised my left hand with the Digitis Impudicus extended and then sat down.

  11. Joe Fortson Says:

    This’ll sound odd but hear me out now. Back on Earth everyone in government got to thinking they were all so damned important that whatever complicated scheme made them feel good or increased their power had to be turned into law. I think if our government is gonna be created right here and now we ought to name the place Simpleton! Cause no mater what, and true or not, I can guarantee a lot of people are gonna be sayin’, “Look at the asinine Law those Simpletons are tryin’ to pass.
    Hey no laughter. The name might even cause some to think twice.

  12. Kara Says:

    I’d just like to say that we don’t need to use an Earth word or phrase. It can be something completely different, just like Alchibah is.

  13. Mark Tilley Says:

    I have an idea! What about Progress? Simple, hopeful, yet not too much. I’m sorry, Rebirth is a bit too…I don’t know…symbolic [said with a squeamish face].

  14. Judith Reye Says:

    I’ll submit New Forge as my choice because we will forge a new government here and I also like Grand Bluffs considering our location overlooking the river But I hope someone can come up with something else that jumps out as obviously right

  15. William Bartlett Says:

    New Forge isn’t half bad Judith and either is Grand Bluffs though If anyone thinks we are just bluffing about a clean break from the past they’ll find out differently. I know it’s been used on Earth but I like the sound of Free Town… Free Town, Alchibah.

  16. Captain Travis Says:

    I sort of lean with Rocco, to Liberty informally, and City of Liberty officially, if only as a message for generations to come as to what we “firsters” here intended and were hoping to establish…

  17. The Historian Says:

    So, so far the suggestions are:
    New Forge
    Grand Bluffs
    Founder’s Town
    Digitis Impudicus (*ahem*)
    and, er, Simpleton.

    Or, something not found on Earth…

    Any other suggestions before we vote?

  18. Ashcroft Andrews Says:

    I stood slowly, “Mariana, with all due respect think about the future. An adult asks a child ‘Where you from Son?’ and the reply is ‘Up Yours’. I don’t think so. Joe as much as I love your sense of humor, how would you like your son being called a simpleton just because of where he was born. I would think a Marine would object to that, correct Jarhead?”

    I then turned to the other side of the room and became very serious. “Kurt, that was a good try but, rebirth brings to mind calling forth the same thing again. Everyone in this room risked their lives and some fought a very deadly little war to get away from that. I agree with Rocco, Liberty is what we fought for and damn well mean to Keep. OK, I’ll shut up now.”

  19. Jules Parker Says:

    Sir, I suggest we name our first city “Independents”. We’re the free-thinking folks who broke out of the system, who won’t be broken! And in case anyone is wondering, Alchibah is the Arabic term for Tent, but that’s too lack-luster for the founding city. In my opinion, that is. Let’s hear it for freedom! Liberty! and INDEPENDENTS!

  20. Andrew Stuart Says:

    Well said Jules but, I must disagree. Everyone in this room whether you knew it or not put your lives at risk when you boarded Lancer. As Ash pointed out some of us in this room Bart, Marty, Tim ,Jack, Dave, Walt, Joe, Mariana, myself and Robert Bova Thompson did indeed fight a short very deadly war to get us here.

    We did what we did for one thing and one concept. Let the name of this first city tell the universe what we stand for Liberty, Alichibah!

  21. Jules Parker Says:

    As for me and mine, we will agree. We are most mindful of the fight and of the flight. Liberty for one; Liberty for all. and so say us Parkers.

  22. Jaisa Benjamin Says:

    Liberty gets my vote! Some of us have been fighting for Liberty for years. I have friends… I have *family* who have died for freedom and liberty. Let’s make sure the goonies know why we’re here!

  23. Bart Says:

    I think we have a band wagon. I go with Liberty also.

  24. Glenda Cumberland Says:

    Okay then, call for the vote. Then let’s celebrate: Liberty. Let it ring!

  25. The Historian Says:

    I think we’ve reached a consensus here. One, I might add, that I am most pleased with. Henceforth, we declare to the heavens and to all who come here in the future — invited or uninvited — that the founding fathers have declared this town to be the City of Liberty!

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