Bugging Out

Got ‘The Call’. E-mail actually.

I had to redistribute my belongings since we are more limited in luggage than originally planned, so the hard copies are out, but the Library fits along with a couple readers. Some paper notebooks, writing sticks for doodling.

Being forced to live frugally many times in my life, I am an old hand in gaming travel restrictions and such to get more on a plane in one bag than most do in two. I wore the bulky items like hiking boots, thermal hiking pants and a hat. It was cool so I could wear the warm coat. That saved a lot of space in the bags. So I could pack extra clothes of heavy arti-silk. Light and tough as steel for the same weight. Some extra shoes, sandals, etc.

Since most of what I bring to the colony, other than the bikes if they made it, is in my head, and my skill at researching in the Library, I had little to pack other than personal clothing and toiletries. Huh. I wonder how long I till I let the beard grow in? Data-stick for personal stuff like family videos and stuff. Memories. A few comfort items.

I authorized the stock transfer I had planned and posted it to issue 2 days later at start of business. Boy will Mary be surprised to find out she does not have a partner any more and owns the entire shop herself. But her family can use the extra income and I won’t be using it. I hope she keeps it going. I left a message for her saying I would not be in the next day and cover as best she can.
I called ahead and managed a ticket on a shuttle up to the Hilton. I got to the ‘port, no problems at security since I kept my passport with the travel authorization on me at all times. No problems with the Library, since it has been ‘re-labeled’ as a current copy. Knowing software is a good thing. Nothing suspicions in my luggage, since everything other than the library was sent ahead with the bikes.

I just hope the crates of bicycles I sent up a few weeks ago made it, along with the tools. It’ll suck if we do not have transportation intermediate between Flier’s and feet. RJH was a bit skeptical at first, but not needing to rely on fuel, power or animals won him over.

Not to mention the printer and paper RJH promised. It will be a pain if we cannot distribute hard copy of some items. Technology is great, but it needs power and can break. Good old paper can be read by starlight if need be.

Well, I’ll find out soon. I am about to board the Lancer. I wonder if everyone on board will be part of the migration. It should be an interesting group.

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