6.3 Town Meeting — Select Choices

Now, Article 3: How shall we select that council? By nominations and a vote? By lottery?

The floor is open to discussion.

17 Responses to “6.3 Town Meeting — Select Choices”

  1. JJ Parker Says:

    Sir, we should nominate and vote for which colonists we want to represent us on the council. Luck of the Draw should be for songs and playing cards.

  2. Andrew Stuart Says:

    Nominations and Vote by all means. Luck of the draw could have some viewpoints left in the dust and I agree with JJ.

  3. Jaisa Benjamin Says:

    I second that, and I know I heard others mention elections as the way to go during the last article. If anyone disagrees, let’s discuss it. If not, let’s vote and move on - I’m sure the later articles are going to take some time.

  4. Joe Fortson Says:

    I figure It’s gonna be by nomination. And If I don’t he will. So in a spirit of lets let bygones be bygones till it happens again. I nominate Les Reye. Take it as you will and we can see how the vote comes out.

  5. Frank Turner Says:

    I don’t want to sound rude, but aren’t nominations (if that’s the way we decide to go, of course) supposed to wait until article 7?

  6. Glenda Cumberland Says:

    If anyone wants lottery system, speak up now. Otherwise, Histy, let’s get on with it.

  7. Ash Andrews Says:

    Open the floor to nominations and lets get on with it. It’s getting darn near lunch time!

  8. Mariana Stuart Says:

    Frank, that was the schedule. But, in any meeting like this the schedule is fluid and can change.

    The question is, is there a need to! I would say that’s up to Histy.

  9. Janie Cantarubias Says:

    I’d like Captain Travis to get his choice up. That’s someone who should be a shoe in. And how many votes do we get? Five? And I would also like to nominate Connor Benjamin.

  10. The Historian Says:

    Just so. We will hold nominations after lunch, after people have had time to consider whether they or someone they know is interested in “the job.”

    The final question before us is to decide upon a “legal age” as it were. At what age is someone considered an adult, with all rights and priviledges accorded — as well as responsibilities. An adult is also capable of serving in any capacity in a militia, in any — God forbid — conflicts. They can vote and can serve on the Town Council, and so on.

    The floor is open.

  11. William Bartlett Says:

    I could do it after lunch but I want to make sure enough us talk to him so he can’t refuse. So I’ll do it now. I’ve known the Hist for long enough, and everyone can see from this meeting that he needs to be on the Council. So I nominate Brice Halsworthy the Historian.

  12. Andrew Stuart Says:

    With my background I would love to say at any age that they could qualify as Expert with a weapon. But realistically I would say 16. That is actually a little older than most frontier societies but, I would like to think we are starting a little up the scale from that!

  13. Ash Andrews Says:

    Bart, you get Histy the votes and he will do it if Travis and I have to grab an arm apiece and threaten to wishbone him!

  14. The Historian Says:

    Well {blush} no matter how old you make the age of majority, I’d still pass…

    Any other discussion on the age of adulthood?

  15. Connor Benjamin Says:

    Yes, I would like to make one suggestion. I believe we should have some sort of exception for extraordinary circumstances. No one here knows what this colony will have to endure in the coming weeks, months and years, but I do know that we are in uncharted territory. Who knows what might be asked of our citizens, even our youngest ones. I would like to put forward the suggestion that citizens younger than sixteen could, with a majority or supermajority vote (I leave that an open question), be given full voting rights before they reach the official age of majority in instances of extraordinary service to the colony, military or otherwise.

  16. William Bartlett Says:

    I proposed it so I would look more foolish than usual if I said no. 16 is good for me

  17. The Historian Says:

    I would agree with that. I also sense that you folks are hungry and need to stretch your legs — well, those that are sitting.

    I hereby adjourn Town Meeting for a period of two hours for lunch.

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