Need to rest for a bit …..

Well, now that it’s lunch break from the Town Meeting things sure have been hopping.  Between scrambling for ice, keeping an eye on all the backroom politicians and an ear to the ground for the inside story [can you imagine all the confidences entrusted to the barkeep!], I noticed that Jules looked wan and weary.  “Jules, how about if I have JJ and the girls cover while we grab a sandwich and cup of tea at the tent.”  When he agreed, we walked slowly and quietly to our soft-sided abode. 

“Hanna, I wasn’t going to say anything but I’m not feeling well.  I’m not sure what’s the matter.  But you must have already noticed, dear.  Thanks for getting me out of that din.” 

“Would you like to rest for a bit, sweetheart?  Maybe pulling watch last night and then jumping right into the meeting was a bit much for you.  May I ask Linda to have a look at you?  Maybe the shorter Alchiban days make some difference to your heart med.”

“Good idea.  You know, maybe I forgot to take my tablet last night.”  ……….

After Linda finished examining Jules, she said, “Dad, everything seems stable, and your vitals are fine.  Why don’t you lay low for the rest of the day, and if you feel any worse call me immediately.  I’ll send R. Flo over; what better nurse than Florence Nightingale herself! and we’ll spot check on you too.  Just to be on the safe side, I want you at the Lab tomorrow for a check up. 

And Mom, you should pace yourself.  No need running yourself ragged at the Inn; we’ll get more help for you.”

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