Get the Right People In the Right Place

Ash Andrews

With me cradling Andy’s latest little surprise and chortling we left the tent. Walking towards Hanna’s place we were joined by Walt Davis.

“Well Andy,” Walt said “How should I vote?”

I was stunned thinking Andy would explode, instead he got the softest look on his face that I had seen in a long time!

“Walt,” he said, “I am not Jack, you vote the way you feel is right. When you came over to us you became your own man again. We are not going to hold deserter against you Hell, it showed good common sense. I will however give you a campaign speech. Do you know why I trusted you, the minute you came up to me that night?”

“No Andy, I have been puzzled by that for sure!”

“I was not there but let me guess what went on. You said something that betrayed the way you really felt. Then there was this Blonde staring you right in the face and asking a series of short sharp questions. What did you do?”

“Shit Andy, I sat down and gave her the whole story and I still do not know why!”

“Don’t worry Walt, you are not the first. You know that everybody on the old Teams had their call sign chosen for them; we didn’t get to pick ‘em. You can figure how I got mine, had it since the second Battle of Tehran. Smiling Dummy over there got ‘Ghost’ cause no one could ever figure out how he got on their ‘Six’. Now why do you think they called her ‘Magic’?”

Walt looked like someone just punched in the gut, “What the frack are you talking about?  And why do you want her on the Council? I thought you would want that job?”

“Why Walt would I want that? You know I would blow up at Reyes and ruin everything. Nope, let’s put the person most qualified to call BS on him where she can do the most good.”

Walt and I both asked at the same time, “But, what are you going to do?”

Andy replied, “What I do best! I intend to be Commander (Ground) Alchibah! Between Travis and myself we will defend this place. Ash, you asked a few minutes ago how much of HP did I own? About 25 Million bucks worth of it. We did not come out here for Fame and Fortune! We left it behind!”

With that, he turned and headed towards Connor Benjamin.

Walt breathed deeply, “Guess my past really don’t matter to him, does it.”

“Not since Mariana walked you up to that ridge line bubba! But I gotta go. I think I have a nomination speech to practice!”

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