Wheels That Go Around


Leaving Walt and Ash behind me I went straight for Connor Benjamin, who was outside Hanna’s eating with Kaiya Yamasak and his twins.  “Connor, got a few?  I need to talk back room politics with you!  The rumor mill has it that you have some politics in your bloodline!  How would you think about standing for the Council, if I could promise you an Ace in the Hole to keep track of Reyes?  I am fixing to propose a Federal System with a Grand Council and then one each for Liberty and Mayflower.  Reyes influence on Liberty is the point I am really worried about!  We need a political infighter to oppose him and Buchanan!  You Game?”

“Let’s take a walk,” he said, standing up. “Kaiya, could you watch these two rascals for a minute?”

“My pleasure.  See you in a few.”

As we left Connor turned to me. “Well, you’re right about one thing, I do have it in my blood.  My father was Governor Jason Benjamin – led Vermont to secession, helped found the Alliance of Independent States, all that.  If he were here he’d kick Reye and Buchanan into the middle of last century.  I don’t care what they know about politics, he’d run circles around them.  But him I ain’t.  I didn’t follow his path.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t be willing to stand for the council – I would, I’m just not sure if I’ve got the instincts you’re looking for.”

“Tell you what I am willing to bet on bloodlines and nerve.  Remember the slizzard, you did not turn and run.  You stood in there ready to do what it took!  That’s all I am really asking, stand in there and do what you think is right.  I am entirely the wrong person for this job.  I’ll get mad and rip Reyes head right off!  Maybe even do it literally, not figuratively!  That’s not what Alchibah needs; we need to try to beat him at his own game!  You are a better choice than me for sure!”

“Alright then.  Who knows, maybe I’ll grow into it.  And I’ll try to avoid any, shall we say, ‘physical altercations?’  Although I do remember some lovely stories of brawls in America’s early Congresses.  I’ll certainly do the best I know how for the colony.” He glanced back at the tent. “I guess the next question is what exactly they’re planning.  I don’t buy for a second Buchanan and Reye’s supposed ‘split.’  I’m sure they’ll run Reye, and no doubt he’ll get in on bullet votes.  None of the rest of them stands a chance though.  So it’ll be Reye, with Buchanan and Jack backing him.  I guess the other question then is what the hell do you mean by a Ace in the Hole?”

“Just keep an eye on Mariana and ask yourself why her call sign was ‘Magic’?’

Connor frowned, then his eyes widened. “Really?  I had he-.  Hmmm…that’ll be a plus.”

“OK, then we will have someone nominate you when the time comes.  That makes Histy, Mariana, You and we know Buchanan’s going to get Reyes in this.  Any ideas for a fifth?”

“I think most people outside of the slackers and snakes would support Kara, and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders.  I’ll make sure she’s nominated.  She probably would be anyway, but no reason to take the chance.”

“OK, I think we have a winner.  Finish your lunch, your gonna need it.”

“I’ll see you at the meeting.”

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