Not Bad Dummy

Day 7 Afternoon 1st Break

Ash Andrews

I basically sprinted outside and lit up a smoke. Andy walked up and did the same!

I asked him,”Well, you didn’t get everything you wanted!” His answer was a surprise!

“Says who? We have recognition of a Federal system in place. The Council for Liberty is an independent body and Mayflower is free to run themselves. That young firebrand friend of yours Jai has a vote and is a recognized Adult. The Council is constrained by direct vote of the people and nobody’s feelings got hurt! Care to tell me what we missed?”

“Damn Andy, you said you were not a politician!”

“Ash you jerk. You know what my last job in the service was. Please tell me how the Commander SOCOM could not learn how to play a little politics? Let’s get back in I am gonna love watching the next round!”

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