6.7 Town Meeting — Nominations

Day 7, 4PM

“We are about to accept nominations for the five positions on our new Town Council. They will, by our mandate, serve for not more than 200 days. Within 30 days, we will expect them to come up with proposals for the following:”

I looked at the list I’d been keeping and then said,

“1. Coming up with a satisfactory monetary or credit system to allow us to engage in commerce. Subject to final oral vote by the colonists.

“2. Coming up with proposals for a formal education system, which could be public, or private, or home schooling, or a combination of those three, and how such systems would be funded. Also subject to discussion and vote.

“3. Their own list of how their actions or powers as a Town Council should be limited and on a simple Bill of Rights for all colonists. All of this subject to a vote. The term of such Bill of Rights should be for the balance of the 200 days of their term of office. I call this the ‘humility exercise.’ Subject to discussion and vote.”

I turned to Captain Travis and said, “How long until you have a formal grid map of our new definition of the size of Liberty?”

Travis said, “Glenda and I will be leaving tonight, after the party. I’ll be returning tomorrow morning with the steel beams to creat the bridge on the river. I’ll photograph the area then and Monroe will put it all together in a day or two.”

I made a note on my list and then addressed the assembly again, “Meeting at night so they can fufill their other duties, the new Town Council will, within three days OR LESS perform the following duties:

“1. Assign and co-ordinate a list of things, projects that need to be started immediately, such as agriculture or crop raising. A more formal plan for defending the immediate area from predators, asking or appointing groups of colonists to begin design for such basics as a fresh water system. Lastly, because we don’t know what dangers await us, perhaps co-ordinating the building of a small hospital or clinic, also here in the immediate area, “Down Town” as it were.

“2. Using the map that will be provided by the Mayflower, designating what areas of the township are reserved for the town, a plan so all — besides their land grants — can, if they desire, participate in a “business district” in the Down Town area. And most importantly, hold a lottery — it can be as simple as slips of paper or randomly generated numbers that colonists can grab, and then begin selecting their properties.”

I paused and then said, “If you have any additions to that list, speak up now. Additionally, I open the floor to nominations to the new Town Council.”

17 Responses to “6.7 Town Meeting — Nominations”

  1. Pamela Nash Says:

    Well there certainly has been a lot of talking going on in this room but nobody seems to want to go first. And although I certainly disagree in the strongest way imaginable with everything Mr. Jack the Blade has said….Talking to a few of the other colonists has convinced me that in order to defend his right to say such…things… I should place his name in nomination. And so I nominate, Mr. Jack the Blade!

  2. Jack the Blade Says:

    Why Pamela, what a pleasant surprise. I hope your tolerance stretches wide enough that you might even vote for me in order to demonstrate your conviction. And naturally I accept.

  3. Walt Davis Says:

    I kinda think that the council should have someone who can intelligently comment on this touching on Medicine. The Clinic, sanitation, waste disposal and many other things. So saying, I nominate Dr. Kurt Kellerman!

  4. Kurt Kellerman Says:

    Although I believe I might be of more use as a consultant! I am not into shirking anything anymore. If elected I will serve. I accept!

  5. Judith Reye Says:

    First I want to thank all of you who have so kindly offered to place my husband’s name in nomination. But I told Les that unless he let me do this I would not vote for him!… Les, showing the reasonable sort that he is, kindly agreed. Neither one of us got off to a great start here, but all of you should be able to see by now what I have always known. Les is a tireless worker for what he believes in and would earn your trust as a member of the Liberty Council.

    I nominate my husband, Lester Reye.

  6. Lester Reye Says:

    Like my wife Judith I also wish to thank you all. And I care not to add a thing to what she has just said. But after the election is over, no mater what the outcome, it would pleasure me greatly to add a few more words.

    Thank you Judith, I humbly accept and promise to be worthy of your choice.

  7. Joe Fortson Says:

    I am just an old Retired Marine but, I know some Lumbering and a bit about living on the edge of civilization. The one man who has had the answers or can figure em out is DR. Connor Benjamin. I want to put him up for the job. Somebody needs to explain what it is we find out there!

  8. Connor Benjamin Says:

    Joe, thank you. I’m honored. I’ve been avoiding politics most of my life, but here, with this incredible group of people on this grand experiment, perhaps I can do some good. I came on this journey with all of you because I promised myself that my girls would not have to choose between living a half life and living a short life. If elected I will do everything I can to see that promise through, not just for my own children but for everyone here and for all the generations to come.

    I accept your nomination and only hope that my best is good enough. Thank you.

  9. Jaisa Benjamin Says:

    Joe, thanks for doing that. My dad has gotten my sisters and I through thick and thin (mostly thick), and I can’t think of anyone I would want representing me more than him.

    I have, however, recently met a man that I’ve grown to respect tremendously over the very short time I’ve known him. Dr. Andrew Stuart, Colonel Andrew Stuart, is a man that I would trust my life to, though I’ve known him only a few weeks. He is probably one of the most intelligent and capable people I have ever met, and between you and me that’s saying something. I don’t know if he’ll accept, but I know that at least deserves the chance to decline. I hereby nominate Andrew Stuart to the Liberty Town Council.

  10. Andrew Stuart Says:

    Thank you Jaisa, and yes, I do know your full name. But, I must respectfully decline your most eloquent nomination!

    Many here have heard my adamant stance on separation of Government from the Military. This Civilization must have a Military to survive. Many functions, which we must have, can only be provided under a Military or Militia scenario. One example is protection of Colonists, who are uncomfortable with weapons, must be protected if they wish to expand the working area of the Colony.

    We already know for a fact that there is at least one predator species out there that thinks Humans make a great lunch!

    I am afraid that there is no one in this group better qualified to train and lead that Militia than myself.

    Thus to stay true to my own beliefs, I must decline.

    In my place, I would offer the man who has become our center point. The one man everybody trusts!

    I nominate The Historian step up Histy!

  11. The Historian Says:

    Well {*blush*} I suppose I could tear myself away from my chickens and roosters to offer what limited advice I can by serving on the council. Thank you, Mr. Stuart, I accept your kind words and nomination.

    *Ahem* Are there any other nominations?

  12. Ash Andrews Says:

    Andy you jerk, you would have been perfect!

    I would love to stand here and try to make you change your mind. Someone on that Council has to have a Scientific and a Military background.

    Therefore, I place into nomination COL., DR. Mariana Stuart.

    Duck this one Magic!

  13. Mariana Stuart Says:

    With teeth gritted as tightly as I could make them, I rose and faced Ash. First, in a whisper only our table could hear, damn you, you have to sleep sometime.

    Turning to the room, Ash, your payback will be interesting and probably pain full.

    Histy, I accept!

  14. Linda Parker Says:

    This has all been fine, and there are lot of good nominees. But to give some more of us normal folks a chance to be involved I would like to nominate Kara. She is honest and willing to take a chance, I could almost say daring, and a regular person with common sense and spirit. To say it again I nominate Kara.

  15. Kara Says:

    I am honored to be nominated. If elected, I promise to keep a level head and look out for the best interests of Liberty as a whole. I’d be honored to represent everyone, and to serve with the others on the council. So thank you for the nomination and for your consideration.

  16. Andrew Stuart Says:

    As a person not in nomination I say to the Moderator, Sir call the Question please!

  17. The Historian Says:

    It is with pleasure and pride that I announce the candidates for our first, temporary Town Council:

    Connor Benjamin,
    Kurt Kellerman
    Mariana Stuart,
    Jack of Blades,
    Lester Reye,

    We’ll use an instant run-off to avoid ties. Submit your votes via your wristpads to the Reporter.

    You’ll vote for your first choice, second, and so on until you have voted for five colonists in the order that you want them elected. Votes will be tallied as follows: Your first place vote receives a full 1.0 vote. Your second choice receives a .8 vote. Third, .6 vote, etc.

    The Reporter will, well, report the results to us shortly. Good luck everybody!

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