A Meeting of the Minds

Day 7 00:07:14:05

This session had been underway just over two hours with the Historian asking for nominations when one of Buchanan’s poll workers slipped me a message from Burt. It said to meet him outside. I gave it a couple of minutes then left the building. Burt was standing there.

“What kept you Les?” He asked, as soon as we were sure no one else was around.

“I waited just long enough so people wouldn’t think we left together.”

“I’ve been out here half an hour. Next time I give you instructions just follow them.”

“Humph! What about you Burt? You’ve hardly said a word in the meeting all day. How come?”

“Just consider me the Nuclear Option.”

“Nuclear Option? What do you mean by that?”

“After the way the land proposal went over you have a good chance of coming in first in the popular vote for Council. That now should be our goal. If any thing comes up before the vote that threatens to derail the possibility, I am going to support it strongly. My support ought to go a long way towards defeating that kind of issue.”

“Who is going to nominate me?

“I think it best if your wife does it. I was working on what she should say but let‘s just let her do it in her own words.“

“What about Jack’s nomination?”

“Pamela Nash.”

“Is she one of us?”

“She doesn’t know it now but she certainly is. She’ll do it to show her commitment to the gods of diversity and liberalism. Here‘s the nomination acceptance speech. Memorize it and be ready. Now get back in I’ll be in in a moment.”

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