6.8 Meet Our New Town Council!

The Reporter sent me the voting results via wristpad. I looked them over and then turned to the collected colonists and said, “Fellow Ex-Earthers, Alchibans, citizens, I’m pleased to present you with the winners of the election for Town Council: Getting the most votes was Lester Reye, who will serve as Council Moderator. Also appointed to the council was Kara, Connor Benjamin, Mariana Stuart, and myself.

“Congratulations to all. I believe we have some celebrating to do and I brought down 40 fresh chickens, plucked courtesy of the Mayflower crew, plus fresh salad makings from the ship’s greenhouse, and other assorted delights. Oh, and two cases of assorted spirits from the ship’s bar!

“If there’s no other business, I declare this Town Meeting to be over.”

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