A BBQ and a Test

Joint post by Andrew Stuart and Jai Benjamin

I had just finished my declination and the room was abuzz. I took that opportunity to wander over the table where the younger crowd was sitting.

“Jai, I wonder if you and the rest of the younger set would like to undertake a little mission?”

“A mission, huh? Sounds like my kind of shtick.”

“Mariana has declared the Slizzard as edible. What I would like you to do is organize a crew to dig a Texas Style BBQ pit and do up two quarters we cut off that sucker as a surprise for the Colony! I have a couple of other things but I’ll fill you in on the Wrist-Comp. Just like you will find all the instructions you will need in your e-mail stack. Are you a potential Team Leader or not?”

“Yes, I am.” For a split second she was deadly serious. Only that long though. “And a barbeque sounds incredible. I’m on it boss!”

I was pleasantly surprised, fewer questions than I had expected. “OK, Hype and get it done. If this works we lay the groundwork for the defense of Alchibah today!” She raised her eyebrow briefly, then met my gaze.

“Yeah, this crew will be up to it. And they’re certainly up to roasting a haunch o’ slizzard.” She scanned the email I sent her then turned to the other teens. “Alright people, we’ve got a slizzard to barbecue,” she whispered. “And keep it quiet, this is supposed to be as much of a surprise as we can make it. I’ll email you the instructions – check them on your writs comps. We’re going to have to leave the meeting early, but I’ll have my dad ping us when it’s voting time. John, you, Kaye and Mike go grab some shovels and a couple robots from the pool and start the pit, Em and Liza, get Red and R.Lewis and get some of the slabs over to the pit area for us to burn, Ryu…”

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