Will slizzard taste like chicken?


Town meeting had just ended and the barbecue was well on its way. The spit was ready, compliments of John and Ryu, turning with a haunch of the mighty yet fallen slizzard over a good bed of embers. Everything had gone smoothly, from the pit being dug to a quick design for (and construction of) the spit to getting the slizzard and slabs and starting the fire. We’d be eating more than chicken tonight!

“Jai, where do you want the bots to put this next bit of slabs?” Emily asked.

“Over there,” I said, pointing to one side of the pit, “the wind’s blowing a little in the other direction. I doubt it’d happen, but the last thing we want is an ember landing on the pile and catching them on fire. And after that could you run back and grab the cobalt bowie from my tent? It’s one of the ones you cleaned – real wide, with a straight blade?” She nodded. “Liza, can you check with Hanna to see how the baste is coming? I’m no chef, but I think we’ll need it soon.”

“We’ve got the second piece up here – we rigged it up a few feet away,” that was Ryu. “As soon as this one’s done we’ll be able to start the next. I can’t wait to try it. It’ll probably taste like rubbery chicken, but it’s gonna be amazing to be actually eating something that no human ever has before, no matter what it tastes like.”

All in all I’d say the barbecue was a success. Everyone was doing their part and, more to the point (at least for now), the slizzard was coming along nicely. I only hope it tastes good.

Over by the big tent Andy and Travis were just standing up. Whatever we were cooking up was about to start!

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