After the Barbeque

Day 7  Midnight

As night enveloped us under a starry sky, I said to Jules, “The barbeque was lots of fun.  Hard work, but many willing hands. And finally I got to see the colonists all at once. I don’t know everyone’s name yet, but recognize most of them. Some real characters in our midst!”

“Hanna, I’ve always admired your ability to take everything in stride, regardless of how unusual. Your basting sauce was perfect with the slizzard, as if you’d made it for years. And just like the loaves and fishes, the food seemed to multiply. But now that the day is almost over, I realize it was Sunday. And I miss not going to church.”

“Me too.” Back at our tent, we got out the Bible, and read for a bit together. Then I said, “How are you feeling, dear? It’s been a very hectic day, especially with all the politicking, etc.” 

“Not too bad. But before you or Linda have a chance to nag, I promise to go to the lab first thing tomorrow. I won’t like it, but I don’t stand a chance against the two of you.”

“Why Jules, what a good idea that is.  So glad you thought of it.”

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