What It’s Really About!

I was sitting chewing slowly and glorying in something fresh that was not chicken when a voice came over my shoulder, “How’s it going Kurt?”

I turned to look at Ash, “Food wise not too bad but, I think the project is riding on the conversation going on between Walt and Travis. I need those verniers, Pots as Walt calls them. We need that technology on hand but I just do not understand your obsession with this deal.”

Ash sat and took a pull on his drink, “You have to be one of us to understand. You have heard Andy call me Cousin, Scots-Irish don’t play the Niece and Nephew game. Anything not Brother or Sister is a Cousin. You are all part of the Clan after all. Andy is my Mother’s older Brother!”

I stammered, “But, your Mom died of old age in UNWG health care. How can that big SOB be her older brother?”

“You have to go all the way back to the 1600’s. A Scottish mercenary wound up down in the Swiss Alps and got married. They had seven kids, feisty weren’t they? Anyway, duty eventually called and the Male had to go back to Scotland. The kids split between the parents because they all knew that would get back together. Well, shit happened, couple of war’s as I have been able to piece it together. The male line went with Daddy and the Female’s stayed with Mom, normal. The oldest Male became the ultimate Godfather of Clan Stuart . The Oldest Daughter became the Matriarch of Family Kearns. Kurt, the UNWG did not try to sterilize her to provide a cover story. I made that up! They did her to make sure those two lines could never meet. Care to guess on what their first born is gonna be. You think Andy scares your Ass?”

I sat stunned for a moment, “Do I want to help that happen?”

Ash looked me in the eyes, ”Do you want your Kids to live free?”

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