Do You Have It?

Post by Jaisa

Andy speared the last hunk of slizzard meat with the tip of the Gerber. “Not bad Jai, this crew can make stuff happen on short notice. Notice the conversation going on between Walt and Travis?”

“Yes,” I replied (with what I assume must have been a rather bemused look), “does it mean anything?”

“Well, you and I are going upriver in the morning. If that conversation bombs, you and the group get a construction job at the Hydro site. If it goes well, then you and I are going hunting after the briefing at the site. Bring something that could drop a slizzard and Oh Yeah, bring your brains, Sgt. Benjamin. This could very well be your OCS exam! Oh, and have the troops ready to go 30 min before Mean Nautical Sunrise!”

With that Andy moved off towards Connor Benjamin’s tent.

I stood there starting at Andy’s back. Wow. Col. Andrew Stuart, The Reaper, likely the only man alive better at killing and teaching to kill than Gabe, just nominated me to be the leader of the young guns. Being accepted as a soldier (even a good one) in the rebellion was one thing, being handpicked as a possible leader by the former head of US SOCOM is something else entirely. That the last man to train Gabe before he left the service now wanted to train me is an honor. Tomorrow we’ll find out if I’m as good as he seems to think I am.

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