Histy Makes the Day

Day 8 Late Afternoon
We were just wrapping up a very busy day at the Lab when The Historian wandered in, “This could almost be a Council Meeting, and I believe 3 out of 5 is a quorum?”

Mariana and Kara laughed, “Yes, but, we don’t think that’s why you are here?” Mariana chimed in.

Histy chuckled, “No I have a sample that I would like checked in and Analyzed. I found it on a walk last evening. But, I do not wish to jump the queue.”

Mariana laughed, “If I can’t jump the order for a friend, what good is having the job. What do you have?”

“Well, I think it’s some kind of grain. You will find traces of earth leather from the gloves I used to pick it.”

Mariana took the plastic bagged sample, “At least you had the brains to use gloves. Kurt, wanna run this right fast?”

Histy stared, “You can do this that fast?”

I grinned at the older fellow, “Thank Andy and Ash. And of course, old R. J., this place is interconnected to the inch.” I placed his sampled in the flash tray and started the sequence. Diagnostic flashed SAFE in about 10 seconds, then primary started spitting results. “Mariana, you might want to call Andy. Histy just found his corn.”

Histy said, “It seems to grow wild in several large fields to the north of here. If you’re telling me it’s safe to eat, and Hanna then tells us it bakes up tasty, it will save us a lot of time that would have been spent starting with the grain seeds we brought with us.”

Mariana grinned, “Bakes up, this is booze on the hoof! Those Rednecks will have this in a still in a heartbeat!”

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