My Head Hurts

Day 8, early morning

Where to begin? So much has happened in such a short time…Town Meeting, cook-out, back room plotting…it is hard to believe it has only been 1 day.

The Town Meeting went as expected. Well, except for Reye. I don’t think any of us are surprised he talked as much as he did, but I don’t think any of expected to hear halfway decent ideas come out of his mouth. I don’t know if I felt so strange as when I found myself agreeing with some of what he said…and to see others that I know dislike him think the same. It was eerie.

Reye’s other surprise was getting the most votes for the Council. It makes me sick to think of it. He was obviously a politician back on Earth (almost said home!), and it shows here too. Though there is more to that than we know.

And the rest of us on the Council will be watching very closely.

Though I am still a bit startled I am on the Council — ha! I’d love to see my folks’ faces if they knew that! OK, maybe I don’t really want to see their faces…they’d probably just spout some crazy b.s. anyway.

Did I mention my head hurts? Being in the hall all day (which turned out quite awesome), hearing people bitch about everything, then all that Reye crap…I just don’t have much patience for it all. It took all I had to keep my mouth shut. And then talking about it more in Connor’s tent…that was just too much. Esp. after the cook-out.

Which I must rave about! It was so great to cut loose after everything we’ve been through. It has been thrilling and exhausting this past week (I’m still on Earth time). Plus it did help cut the tension from the meeting a bit.

I don’t know exactly whose idea it was (I suspect Andy had something to do with it), but it was perfect. Eating something other than the usual stuff (decent as it is, we’re still rationing), and then for it to be a Slizard, what more can you ask for at a party? Well, booze, which some brought out. I usually stay away from the stuff, but after the meeting I needed something. But because I don’t usually touch it, needless to say I’m a “light weight.” Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t falling down or anything, but I’m certainly not used to it. Which brings me back to…

Have I mentioned my head hurts?

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