Your Not On Earth, Mr. Parker

Day 8 Early Morning
I thought I would be the one to turn on the lights in the Lab this morning, I never expected Mariana to be there with the coffee going. “I thought I was going to be early bird today.”

Mariana gave me a look that would have curdled milk, “You didn’t have the big lummox going around at ‘Oh Dark Thirty’ getting in full kit.”

I was actually a little stunned, why would he go full rig today. I even made a mistake, “Lord having seen that rig I can imagine the racket he made!” I knew it was a mistake the instant that head whipped in my direction and those eyes went cold. I had seen the Walt Davis incident and knew what was coming. I was saved by Linda Parker walking in with Jules Sr. in tow.

“Kurt,” she said, “Sorry to hit you with this first thing in the morning but, Dad’s not been doing too well the last few days.”

If she missed the sigh of relief, she was not looking. “Well, let’s get him over to Diagnostic and take a look. You will be pleasantly surprised Mr. Parker how little blood we need to take. This rig is really something and Linda already has your info and history in the data bank. She really is good, Sir!”

It only took about 5 min. to get a full picture. “Mr. Parker, you system is having some problems adjusting to the shorter Alchibah day and the biggest one seems to be self-induced. Your medication schedule needs to be adjusted to match that shorter day. That and a few more days should see you through this quite well. Linda, the adjusted dosages and times should be printing in Primary. I think you can do a better job of explaining it that I can.”

She laughed, “Oh yes, I am well versed in dealing with Dad. I just sic Mom on him.” She took the printout and said she would be back as soon as she got him home safely.

I gestured at the screen and asked Mariana, “You see what he really needs don’t you?” Her reply floored me.

“Yeah, what he really needs is Andy to get me enough power to bring up Bay 4 so I can start making drugs!”

“What are you talking about Woman?”

“What got me Blackballed by the UNWG, Anti-Agathics!”

I was puzzled, “But all the best of those will do is retard aging, what goods that going for do him?”

Her face was as cold as the killer I knew she was, “Not the ones I got hounded out for!”

OH, my God was all I could think! “But, what of the components you need, that stuff has to be complicated?”

Her voice was as level as they came, “Between Connor Benjamin and Andy everything I need has processed through the Lab already. Believe it or not, Slizzard blood is going to have a lot of uses. You didn’t think Andy was going Slizzard hunting over a pair of boots did you?”

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