A Council Proposal

DAY 8 Evening

Mariana Stuart

After requesting the council members meet to me at the picnic table in front of Hanna’s, I began my presentation.

“Lady and gentlemen of the Council. Because of the predators we’ve encountered on Alchibah and what all of us might be facing in the future. I highly recommend developing a militia designed only to protect the colony.

“It’s doubtful that the full-grown Slizzard we’ve encountered is the only very large predator we will meet on this planet. To that effort, Sinopa is spending the next two days attempting to locate and identify at least the three predatory species that we suspect to be out there. Perhaps she will find more besides.

“To fund this endeavor, may I suggest we use the mandatory 30 hour training every Alchiban week, each 10 day period, to count as Public Service Hours for those who wish to volunteer. For those individuals that would like to explore or be in the field and that are unfamiliar with weapons; protection will need to be provided. I would suggest that any individual involved with the militia training, should be allowed to have those hours count as their Public Service Hours.

“Not everyone is a warrior,” I continued, “We will need people that can handle making arrangements for supplies and logistics.

“Amateurs talk tactics. Pro’s talk logistics.

“On this planet, there is one of us that the old U. S. SOCOM spent many years training for what we will need to survive. Besides being known at the ‘Big Lug’, he also is known at COL Andrew Stuart.”

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