The Escape

All of us seemed to come through unscathed by the brief battle with the UNWG forces.

The various colonists had broken into different groups. Some of them were gathered in the lounge, animatedly discussing the fight with UNWG forces they’d just been through. They were also sipping on drinks a little stronger than champagne. It was basically “serve yourself” since Glenda and Steven were otherwise occupied and the Lancer didn’t have a full crew on board. One colonist who introduced himself as Tim Watson was acting as bartender and turned to the elderly gentleman with scraggly hair, saying, “So, Pops, what’s your name? Care for another martini?”Smiling, the old man said, “Well now, my, er, real name is Brice and I was a professor of history in a small mid-western college. I’m retired now of course. And yes, I think another martini would put me in the mood, as it were.”

Another of the crowd around the bar, a young man with piercing eyes, content to sip on club soda said, “A history teacher. You’re kind of old. What can you bring to the table where we’re going?”

A couple who had identified themselves as Mariana and Andrew Stuart both chuckled and she said, “Now Jack, be nice. There’s a place for everyone–”

“Actually,” the older man said, “I know a lot of things about a lot of things but besides, someone has to chronicle what we’re doing. Our children’s children’s children will want to know what brought us to the new planet, how we formed a government, what led up to their present situation. I rather fancy being the historian for the group. Besides, I was sick of gardening.”

“Well then,” the young man Jack said, “I dub thee ‘The Historian’.”

A middle-aged fellow, Dave, turned to Tim Watson and said, “Another beer, my good man.”

There were several others there and they soon began introducing themselves to each other and discussing everything under the Sun, or rather, the stars. Unobtrusively, the one dubbed The Historian decided this would be a good time to turn on his wrist-pad microphone and perhaps record for time immemorial the early comments of some of the colonists.

83 Responses to “The Escape”

  1. Andrew Stuart Says:

    Well, who made it. The damn “Blue Helments” tried thier best to stop us. Are there anymore surprises? Reloading.

    Step up to the Bar!!


  2. The Historian Says:

    I must say, this is far more exciting than puttering around the garden was in retirement…

  3. William Bartlett Says:

    Hi everyone. Quite a crowd here.

  4. Hanna Parker Says:

    I’m here too…sorry a few minutes late

  5. The Historian Says:

    It’s good to share a drink with fellow travellers

  6. The Historian Says:

    You know, when I was on the SolarNet, and I discovered there were people like me, You Folks, who were disgusted with the World Goon Government, I felt as if I had stumbled into a Gold Ore in a mine. You are all jewels who want to start a new world as I do, where we all rise on our own talents, where government is kept tiny, out of the way, and we can live our lives the way a free people were meant to do. It’s such a rush. Is it for you?

  7. Hanna Parker Says:

    Not yet. I’m still confused by the multiple chat/comment sites… but I’ll keep trying for a bit … TomWright is on the other line [or was]

  8. William Bartlett Says:

    Glad to meet you. Good thing we have name tags. I sure have had all the excitment I need for a good long time.

  9. The Historian Says:

    I must confess, why, I wonder, did we escape so easily? Could it be that they (the Goonies) want to be rid of us?

  10. Tim Watson Says:

    aha! Found you!

  11. Hanna Parker Says:

    multiple layers of incompetence

  12. Hanna Parker Says:

    OK! I almost gave it up; showing up on the ship was easier than finding this. LOL

  13. Hanna Parker Says:

    Okay… Hamilton’s death must have been a ruse. Surely he used it as a decoy for his real exit.

  14. Tim Watson Says:

    I was thinking if we all get AIM we can do real chats it’s a bit easier than this.

    (historian can delete any comments not appropriate for this site)

  15. William Bartlett Says:

    It didn’t seem easy to me. I wonder how long we will be couped up in this little ship? There must be 70 of us in a room for 40 or 50 right now.

  16. Tim Watson Says:

    Yah, I agree, death probably a ruse.

    I am wondering about our scout friend and how he disappeared. Reactor accident my left pedal

  17. Tim Watson Says:

    RJH seems too wiley to let himself be caught like that, when he got the warning to us all

  18. The Historian Says:

    Then is he one of the colonists in disquise?

  19. Hanna Parker Says:

    re chatting: I “aim” to please… but will probably just chat occasionally [any occasion?!] LOL

  20. Hanna Parker Says:

    No one knows what he really lookis like anyhow. He had a different plan, and probably secreted himself onboard earlier

  21. William Bartlett Says:

    If he is alive he better also be on the Lancer. I bet all outsystem traffic will be shut down tighter than a drum till we are caught or launch to Alchiba.

  22. The Historian Says:

    The Historian (ok, me) doesn’t have AIM or such. This is the lamest best I can manage… As long as we keep refreshing our browsers, it can’t be so bad. I eliminated the “target=new window” tag so you don’t have a thousand windows opening up… Oh wait, this post is out of character…

  23. Hanna Parker Says:

    But wait a minute: we’re all characters!!!

  24. Tim Watson Says:

    Hey, he who write history controls the future. cant remember who said that

    AIM is free, get it from AOL home page, easy to install and use, and works well

  25. William Bartlett Says:

    I figure some one will take out the out of character speech

  26. William Bartlett Says:

    How well is the bar stocked? We seem to be doing quite a number on the consumables?

  27. Hanna Parker Says:

    Will they have to be rationed?

  28. Tim Watson Says:

    That announcment about the scouts demise seemed too pat, but maybe that is just my paranoia after dealing with the old USgov and the UNWG

  29. Dave Says:

    As I was drinking my beer, I realized I forgot to bring beermaking supplies and equipment. Hopefully one of you was more thoughtful in that regard than I was. But then I also brought a gardening book and no seeds. If Hamliton didn’t supply us with some, I’ll have to trade with one of you for them.

  30. Hanna Parker Says:

    As a newbee, I’m not sure what I expected from this evening’s chat. I guess wasn’t quite expecting it to be “on the record” … but thinking it might be a think tank? However, I can switch gears nicely to bar-room chat

  31. Tim Watson Says:

    The bar seems well stocked to me, since I seem to be the only one hitting the Belgian Ales and dopplebocks and triples. I do not care about the rest of the stuff. :)

  32. The Historian Says:

    You cannot be too paranoid about the Goonies Government. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that people aren’t actually after you…

  33. William Bartlett Says:

    Brice here looks old enough to remeber to remember when they both weren’t the same thing. My Grand Dad told me stories I could hardly believe. He said voting actually mattered at one time.

  34. Tim Watson Says:

    Do not worry, if the egyptians can brew beer, so can we.

    I have an uncensored copy of the LOC, not that that section was censored.

    Someone will have brought barley, but hops may have been too esoteric. So we live on barley wine, there are worse fates.

  35. Dave Says:

    I’m fine with that Tim, as I prefer Guinness.

  36. Hanna Parker Says:

    You know, it will be very interesting to see how we procure the “necessities” and extras in our new life… and what will be used for currency or barter. Or bar–tender!!!

  37. Hanna Parker Says:

    Ahh, as for me, I prefer wine / whine / wine.

  38. Tim Watson Says:

    beer here deer.

  39. William Bartlett Says:

    Liquor and Smokes will always have value. I smuggled in some medicinal type seeds that might be of some enjoyment if I can make them grow

  40. The Historian Says:

    There was a time, when I was in my 20’s (about 50 years ago) and political candidates all lied but at least their lies were a bit different, depending on which political party they represented. You had a choice then, even if the results after the elections wound up being the same in terms of consequences.

    As all of you know, regardless of your ages, all candidates of the World Government that we are “permitted” to vote for, are vetted, checked, and approved by the UNWG. That alone drove me to leave my retirement cabin and seek another cabin on this ship. As a history professor, I learned from the past. The World Government didn’t learn anything.

  41. Tim Watson Says:

    Dunno, but if the bikes I shipped up did not make it, I guess I will end up as the colony researcher and maybe brewer, thogh I have never tried to brew anything more than a little trouble, and that was years ago.

  42. Hanna Parker Says:

    That Bill Bartlett always sounded like a seedy character to me. I’ll have to keep the young ‘uns away from his influence

  43. William Bartlett Says:

    The must be 40 years old though. Part of my Grand Dad’s Legacy.

  44. Tim Watson Says:

    Billy B has the ‘rope making’ supplies, looks like, not to mention other stuff.

  45. Tim Watson Says:

    Well, as long as we treat it like booze, there shouldn’t be any trouble. Just make sure it’s left to the grownups and the medicine cabinet

  46. Hanna Parker Says:

    But I’m the one who remembered to pack the matches!

  47. Dave Says:

    Odd how our perspective just changed when we left. I very nearly said making our own beer and wine seems like it will take forever to get started. Then I realized if we could go back for supplies, it would be a three year round trip. By then I’m sure well have beer and wine production set up.

  48. Hanna Parker Says:

    I wonder who will ration the supplies. Will we vote on the custodian? Or will it be won by a show of force…. oh, so many questions.

  49. The Historian Says:

    Six year round trip, Dave

  50. William Bartlett Says:

    I don’t know if 40 year old seeds will germinate but they sure are light and take up little space. With 200 colonist I am sure they will be of value to some of them.

  51. Tim Watson Says:

    Here we are, not even there yet, and already talking about partying.

    People! What a bunch of hedonists we are.

    Lets not end up like Roanoke

  52. William Bartlett Says:

    I sure hope this isn’t Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow we die.

  53. Hanna Parker Says:

    Oh, surely it’s not. Someone has to wash the dishes.

  54. Dave Says:

    Well, the six year round trip only makes my point that much more valid.

  55. The Historian Says:

    But we are, sitting here, in the lounge of the Lancer after having beaten the Goonies back as they tried to stop us. That does deserve a party. We’re on our way to true freedom. Who will make the first toast?

  56. William Bartlett Says:

    Didn’t I see You with Your Husband and kids Hanna?

  57. Hanna Parker Says:

    Hoorah!! **WE** did it.

  58. Dave Says:

    I think it’s only apropriate that the first toast be to Hamilton, since without him, we’d all be stuck back on Earth. May he rest in peace!

  59. Hanna Parker Says:

    Yes, Bill. Jules and I had quite a time of it when we couldn’t find little Karyn after the ruckus. It took a couple hours .. poor little tyke fell asleep in her hiding place.

  60. The Historian Says:

    Tim, I don’t get the Roanoke reference. Course, I’m old and my mind is dim…

  61. Hanna Parker Says:

    Ah, but like the legend of Elvis, Hamilton lives! In our hearts … and surely is with us still… somehow.

  62. William Bartlett Says:

    And let us hold to his Dream and Ours!

  63. William Bartlett Says:

    Your’e Joking Hist. I can tell. You just don’t want to talk about a failed colony attempt.

  64. Tim Watson Says:

    Roanoak was one of the first european colonies on the north american continent almost 500 years ago. They had problems and sent a ship back to get more supplies and help. When the ship got there the entire colony had been abandoned with no evidnece of what had happened. No graves, bodies, nothing. It was still a mystery up until historical and archeological research was condemned as extravagant and all but stopped.

  65. Hanna Parker Says:

    By the Brits perchance?

  66. Hanna Parker Says:

    And the next drink is to the captain of our ship … Worthy Cpt Monroe!

  67. Tim Watson Says:

    yup, but the point is, as much as I am enjoying the ales, we need to be considering what to do next. Sure we have a couple of years, but we have a LOT of discussing to do.

    But that is just me: Thrill a Decade Tim, they call me. If I was any more of a party pooper they would need a scooper for me.

  68. Hanna Parker Says:

    That poor man, Tim. Just no sense of adventure or humor! LOL

  69. Tim Watson Says:

    no, it was a brit colony if i recall, it was so early in the settlement, there wasn’t really anyone to interfere, except the natives, and there has never been any history from them that anything happened.

  70. The Historian Says:

    He’s quite the marksman. My salute to him as well!

  71. Hanna Parker Says:

    Tim, so right. Need a plan; a flexible plan, but at least somewhere to begin.

  72. Hanna Parker Says:

    Good question: now what? Shall we all sleep on it?

  73. The Historian Says:

    If I understand rightly, we’ll all be in cryogenic sleep for most of the trip. I’m not looking forward to that — being frozen. When WILL we have time to plan?

    Tim, before you go to bed, one more please. I’m old and have earned the right to drink myself silly…

  74. Tim Watson Says:

    Sure ‘nuf kid!, here ya go…

  75. Hanna Parker Says:

    Thanks all … for the opportunity for a new beginning for me, Jules, and Jr and Linda and their lovely daughters. Night for now

  76. William Bartlett Says:

    And I’ll Drink to That!

  77. Tim Watson Says:

    What amy be more applicable to our situation is old New Amsterdam. Settled by the Dutch as a commercial colony, which was doing ok until they allowed the brits to settle nearby and take some of the land. The brits later sailed a few ships into the harbour and conquered the colony.

    So we need to be sure we set our selves up to avoid a lot of the mistakes history can teach us.

  78. The Historian Says:

    Thanks, Tim. I guess I’ll head back to my seat and catch some Zzzzz…

    Good night, fellow colonists. Onward we go. And as our Captain said earlier today, ‘Eff the World Government’!

  79. Tim Watson Says:

    nuts, 10:35 my time. Is that the same as ship time?

    ok, this bartender is off to bed.

  80. Tim Watson Says:

    good night all.

    omeone will need to take the night shift here

  81. William Bartlett Says:

    Night all!

  82. Dave Says:

    Good night.

  83. Jack the Blade Says:

    !OoC! AIM is free, as is Trillian, and AIM let’s you set up full rooms, and the text can be saved and posted as a seperate part of the chapter. !/OoC!

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