Incident at the Lab

Sin and I had just returned over the rock field when I turned and asked, “Sin, do you own anything resembling a uniform?”

“Well I might, why?” She asked with a mischievous grin.

“Because tonight’s meeting is gonna be a bombshell and we need to keep down anything Reye can bitch about.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” she tossed over her shoulder.

I got to the lab to find feverish activity going on. Mariana and Kurt had evidently put everything on the back burner save the big beast. “I hate to add to the workload here,” I said, “but, can you run a soil compaction test on this sample for me?”

“What do you have?” She asked.

“Well, after it ran off the rocky area it ran across some plain old soft dirt and we got some good tracks. I need the compaction coefficient to establish a weight.” I said massaging my temples against the growing headache.  ”Oh and while you are at it, can you check out these?”  I placed the quasi-potatos on the sample desk.

“Sure, we’ll get it for you if you get out of the way. It’s getting crowded in here?” She laughed.

I beat it, outside I fired up my wrist comp. “Fortson, A. Stuart; Private please.”

“What can I do for you, ya broken down old spook?” He quipped.

“Think you could drag your over-age, bad ticker, broken down old Jarhead tail up to the Hydro site in the morning. I need a safety Instructor for a Demolitions class.” I handed back to him.

“Don’t you need to spend tomorrow getting this guard thing out of the crapper?” He asked in a surprise and a little wary tone.

“Joe, I can’t do everything; dammit not thinking about that volunteer guard roster is what got Seaworth killed. Besides, we have to get somebody in place and trained up; to lead what’s essentially going to be a police and pure militia.

“Joe you know I am an Operator, could you see me running a police force; besides I think you have figured out what I’m trying to do.”

“Let me see if I put my half vast collection of military brain cells together and throw a SWAG at this. How about put together a young team of fire pissers to take something away from somebody; probably when the good Capt. Travis yells help.”

“Damn, you ain’t half bad for a gyrene. But that means you better duck and cover buddy, cause they gonna be looking for somebody to run the thing.”

He flustered for about three second, “Andy, you asshole!”

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