The last good fight for a good long time.

Given how poor the security was around this little project, it was inevitible that some halfwit would catch wind of it and make some foolish charge. I was just surprised that it was the communication frigate Negation. As we were about to launch, the Negation launched a few boarding craft and moved to block our escape. I remote-piloted my shuttle into the hull of the frigate and detonated the C-12. I had counted on someone making a feint here, with at least a frontline warship, but the C-12 destroyed Negation.

I was fairly amazed at how¬†competent my companions here are with firearms, it’s odd to see marksmen not in High Guard uniforms…

Of the 5 boarding craft from the Negation, only 3 survived the blast. I split my crew between two of the ships, I doubted they would have any difficulty dispatching armed Ops personel. I myself went to aid my companions, but it turned out that was unnecessary. After the boarders were killed, we put the bodies back in the boarding craft after stripping the shuttles of anything of value, patched the 1 hole made by the shuttle that cut through the hull rather than docking at an airlock, and jettisoned the bodies. The skill of my companions will require some changes to my planning, however. It’s fortunate I found out about it now…

Turns out my shuttle’s transceiver missed a second, smaller but better armed, warship. To my shock, our cruiser has 100mm naval guns. Seems the security for the important details was better than Intelligence realized… Suffice to say, the guns made short work of the smaller frigate. I’ve always wondered why they relied on energy sheilding exclusively for their defense, especailly with modern explosives.

Given how far off the Negation was, I don’t think anyone even noticed it before I destroyed it.

It’s also a relief that the information I had on the energy sheilding was accurate. If I had any doubts about it before, they’ve been relieved.

Nevertheless, I must get a look at those guns, and the ammo stores…¬†

The beacon continues apace, and will be in position around our landfall.

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