We’ll Make This Work

Evening Day 13

I hustled out of the meeting with a purpose, “Joe, Karl, wait up up a moment!”

They stopped and turned with worried looks on their faces like someone had just laid a world on their shoulders; which in a way the Council just had.

“Karl I don’t’ think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you,” I extended my hand, “Andy Stuart, looks like I’m going to be your counterpart.”

Karl shook my hand with a wry grin on his face, “Yeah, as quick as I figure out what I am supposed to do.”

“Well Karl, I am here to buy you some time. The Militia is set up to handle the guard rotation for tonight. I have to steal Joe from you for a couple of hours in the morning but I’ll be through with him at the latest right after Lunch.

“Joe we are prepared to handle the nighttime perimeter until your have you training in place. We are also prepared to do that training for you to the limits of our assets. I never said I could not train this outfit, just that I was the wrong man to lead it.

“Karl, Gunnery Sergeant Fortson here can show you the admin side and I’ll show you the training side.

“Sound like a deal gentlemen?”

“Better check your hand and see if any fingers are missing Karl,” Fortson said in mock seriousness. “This man has been known to engage in larceny both petty and otherwise.”

Karl Nash had already spread his hand palm up and started to look downwards before he caught himself. “That sounds to me like harbor in a storm Andy. Joe’s been saying that camp guard ain’t rocket science, just personnel and procedure, so it would be greatly appreciated if you filled in tonight and let Joe explain to me in on what you are doing and why.”

“Sounds good Karl and Joe can show you the admin side maybe better than I. Learn this early, good NCOs’ are worth their weight in gold. But as an Old Army Officers Manual once said, “Enlisted personnel while uneducated are low and cunning and bare careful watching.” Tossing Joe a grin I walked away reaching for my wrist comp.

Karl turned towards Joe, “And you two are friends?”

Joe just laughed, “Karl I am a Marine, He’s Army. It’s a traditional pastime!”

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