We’re Off!

Well, we got away, by the skin of our teeth it seems.

I was sitting in a seat up by the lounge and noticing that it was getting crowded. There seemed to be more people than the ship was built for. Turns out there were.

There was some commotion then, I could not see what was up, but I found out later it was some yahoo that decided to shoot some antique gun off rather than try to be subtle. Not the best choice I think, but what is done is done.

The seats and aisles were filling up fast. I shouted out that we should give the seats to any kids or those that really needed them, the rest of us could make do with the floor, walls or wherever we ended up. Most folks seemed to agree so we got those that needed to be belted in squared away. Last thing we need is kids bouncing around in a stressful situation.

The release from the dock was more sudden and quicker than I was expecting, though under the circumstances I am not sure what I was expecting. There was more noise and excitement back towards the entry, but I was not able to see what was going on. It seems there were some determined attempts to stop us from leaving.

Then about half an hour later there were some shots that hit us, but they stopped. I felt some vibrations I did not recognize, so maybe we are armed, I have not heard anything about that yet.

The stewards passed out some wine or champagne or something, but after a while I hit the bar and kind of got semi-dragooned into bar tending. About all I know is “anything with tonic”, or opening a cork, but no one seemed to mind. Plus old RJH had good taste in beer. Lots of Belgian Ale and various bock-beers. I can not imagine where he got them, but I sure am not complaining.

Met a few of the colonists, a real old guy who seems like a nice old fellow, a you guy who seems a bit cocky, but we’ll see, a couple and a few others that bellied up. It is a diverse bunch to say the least. Some with skills we obviously need, others , like me, not so obvious.

Whatever happens, it has to be better than what we left though.

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