The Day After

Day 34 6:30 AM

Frak us all. It is the morning after the worst day of our Alchibah lives, and let’s hope forever more. It is literally a disaster area here. I look out and I don’t even know where to start. Luckily there are others who are taking control of their respective areas, so they can bark orders to those like me. Frankly, I want someone to tell me what to do right now, otherwise I’ll just crumble.

I don’t have much time. Didn’t sleep much and need to get back to the community center to see what is next on the list of things to do. Now that it is light again (beautiful day too, figures) I think we need to start seeing what we can salvage.

One thing is for sure, we are really going to need to explore more and find food. I have a feeling there’s not enough left that we can use.

Day 34 4:00 PM

It is a beautiful day, though a somber one. Fortunately, we got a little pick me up this afternoon. A flock of devils came to visit, and brought some “agi” for us. Agi appears to be a fruit of some kind — the skin is odd lavender purple and the meat is a lighter version of the skin. I ran them over to the lab and did a quick test.

Everyone was busy with injuries, but luckily Mariana has been showing me how to use some of the equipment and set up an easy program for me to use on this kind of stuff (less work for her!).

The fruit turned out edible so I started passing them around (with Dobi, the ring leader of this flock; he always likes to follow me around, often on my head). The agi taste strange, of course, but they are a welcome change to the usual grub and a perfect distraction from the surroundings.

I was able to find out from Dobi that the fruit came from the other side of the continent (SE of us), where the devils went when they sensed the storm coming (has anyone mentioned how badly we need a weather satellite??). Looks like a trip is in order once things calm down here — perhaps we can find more food there.

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