This Won’t Hurt a Bit!

Day 36 Evening

From the Log of Sally Kellerman

We walked into Primary and saw the on shift crew staring at us.

“We have the area,” barked Mariana Stuart, “Leave Now!”

I had never seen people move so fast. It was strange the effect that Clan Stuart had on people. It did not matter if it was Andrew or Mariana; when they barked people moved!

“Now if you would Sally, check on treatment and see who’s on duty over there. We can set up shifts based on who has been here the longest.”

I went to treatment and was pleased to find that most everyone had just arrived. The crew they had relieved had been practically wasted but we were well on our way back to normal.

Then Mariana brought in Jules Parker and we set him up for a vigil on Liza.

Back in Primary Mariana suddenly changed, the Iron COL. Was gone and the Dr. was back. Looking at the readouts for Bay 4 she grinned and turned to me. “Sally, you think you could go over to treatment and get a blood sample from Jules, we might as well check up on him while he is here.”

I gave her a puzzled look but hiked over to treatment, I was surprised how little resistance I got to a blood sample from Jules. When, I commented on it to Mariana on my return to Primary she surprised me with her reply.

“Oh, he’s been through our routine before. I needed a confirming sample before we continue his AH treatment.”

Flashing the sample she stared at the screen and mused, “Well, no changes. Take these two injectors and give them to him inter-muscular in the buttocks. They are like the ancient Gamma-Globulin shots, they are gonna hurt unless he lies on his face.

“Pull a cot up next to Liza and let him lay on it, He’ll be happy as all get out.”

Damned if She was not right. Jules took the two injections without a whimper. As long as he could hold Liza’s hand, he was happy. Back in treatment, I had to ask Mariana, “What did I just give that man?”

She just pointed towards the screen and said, “You tell me what you see?”

I studied the screen for several moments then admitted, “I have no idea, should I?”

“That’s the chemical formula for the most banned substance in UNWG control.” Mariana shook in anger before she continued, “They hounded me out of practice over this; Hell they hounded me out of research over this. That is the formula for a regressive Anti-Agathic regenerative drug. And this planet makes it easier to produce!”

“So just what did I just take part in?”

Mariana turned that Military smile on me, “Changing the damn rules. Hanna is next, then Histy; I will lie, cheat or steal. I don’t give a good damn. We are going to save them.”

I was totally stunned, who was going to affect this world more; Her or Andy?

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