Molding Society

Day 50, At the RBJ Brickworks Factory

After building one small kiln and using it to create the bricks that then went to build two other, much larger ones, Rocco and BJ now had a vibrant operation going. Their robots would dig clay from the back of their properties and using crude carts , bring it to the open field plant where it was ground, mixed with some water, sand, and ground limestone. Rocco would shape the bricks in sand lined molds made of scrap wood, and allowed to dry in the sun for a day. BJ was the kiln master and would cook the bricks after smoothing the sides of them.

Their robots would stack the finished bricks on crude pallets made of tree branches lashed together, grading them along the way.

While I, whose property abutted and whose home was being built first — all of us were staying there — claimed some of the bricks, the rest were flown into town in the rented cargo bus and traded for other goods and services. The cargo bus was also used to procure sand and limestone from other parts of the township.

All over town there was rapid construction, both of bricks, more likely wood, a combination of the two, and other innovative materials that the colonists discovered. With the threat of the Rumblers gone, people felt more secure spending time away from the protection of Liberty Security and starting to build on their land grants. Other industries were also starting up and the farms were being replanted.

There was hope, not at all dampened by frequent chilling rains probably caused by all the dust in the atmosphere. On sunny days, and the sky was certainly hazy, there was still a warmth that filtered through.

My chicken pens were all rebuilt and I had a decent business going of fresh chicken and eggs. The chickens seemed to thrive on much of the local seeds budding from the local flora which was a good thing since the corn crops were nowhere near ready for harvest. Indeed, they were barely saplings.

Occasionally Captain Travis would pay a visit. He and Calver, under the direction of Captain Stuart, had run sorties in an attempt to locate the wreckage of Bart and Janie’s shuttle, the Dora. So far, there was no success but with only five shuttles and a very large continent, that was to be expected.

One blessing of the planet, that it was incredibly rich in various minerals and ores, also proved a hindrance as far as the Magnetic Anomaly Detectors installed on the searching shuttles was concerned. Still, since it appeared that no one could survived the sabotage, it was just a matter of continued search and recovery that would continue with time. And we had nothing if not plenty of time.

I watched as R. Asimov returned with another load of bricks and then, glancing at my wristpad, realized that a council meeting was due up in a few hours to discuss legal procedures and such that would shape our justice system. Time to get cleaned up with a dip in the lake.

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