Day 67 Late Evening

From the Diary of Mariana Stuart

I was setting in Diagnostic reading over the day’s files when I heard, “Ma’am do you have time to talk?”

I looked up to see Jaisa Benjamin looking fairly plaintive. “Good Lord Girl, you have to have Man problems. That’s the only damn thing that can put that look on the face of an attractive Young Lady.”

“Right, attractive. Sure I am.” Jai replied dryly. “Only the boys either treat me like one of the guys or are afraid of me! So what if I’m hot?”

The problem hit me like a bolt of lightning. “Girl, don’t you ever doubt yourself. Just because you can kick their asses doesn’t mean you should settle for less than you deserve waiting for someone who gets you. I did once and wound up with an Asshole for a Husband. Girl don’t commit till his voice sinks into your Bones. Screw attractive, the right One gives a shit. Damn, you don’t think Andy is good looking; but sure as the Gods He will defend any Children we might be able to have.

“Damn it Girl, do I look that damn beautiful to You? I ain’t no gift to the beautiful but, the only who counts thinks I am. Although landing a hottie certainly is not a bad thing.

“So who is it Girl?”

Jai was stunned, “I honestly don’t know. I’m so worried about Mike right now it’s hard to think about anyone else.”

“I don’t doubt it. Did you know that Andy is going to fly two sweeps in the Morning and his backup will be Ghost and Digger?”

Jai gaped and said, “But, they just got married!”

“And when a Friends life is on the line that means what?

“Girl, don’t you ever settle for anything less than a Gods Damned Hero.”

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