Close The Back Door

Day 69 Evening

John Pierce

An invitation to dinner at Fort Stuart was not to be turned down. The food was almost as good as Hanna’s place and the booze was free. The only thing that bothered him was why the invitation had come over the public link and mentioned planning on the Dam project.

That was already planned and darn near complete. All four wheels were spinning and the Electro Forge was pouring metal. The only thing left was some shoring that was waiting on Joe’s crew to find the right trees.


I saw John come thorough the door with a bemused look that got worse when He saw Sin Blackfeather.

“Sit down everyone, let’s eat before we get down to business.”

After everybody was stuffed and on their third drink I bought up business. “What I am about to ask you to do is the dirtiest, nastiest and most dangerous job on the planet.

“I am asking you to be the stay behind Force. You will not even be able to admit that you are part of Strike Force before it hits the pot. I may be able to leave you some others but, that is still in the air.

“Sin, you know it will be a very dirty guerrilla war and if someone like a damn Buchanan knows what you are doing, they may try to betray you for gain.

“The only thing I can hope to promise you is that I don’t think they can get more than one Assault vessel by us. So are you game?”

John and Sin gulped and thought for a couple of long hard moments.

Sin was first, “Been there — Done that. This time can’t be worse. We might even get some Civilian help.”

I had to laugh, “We get the Ammo and Weapons plants going; I can damn near guarantee that.”

John was next, “I was damn set to go up there and fight. I would be some kind of hypocrite if I turned this down; wouldn’t I?”

I stared at him, “Some people might think you were smart Son.”

John absolutely collapsed in laughter, so much so that Mariana moved towards him. “Damn Boss, I am one of the Young Guns,” He gasped. “Nobody has ever accused any of us of the sin of excess brains.”

I am willing to bet that no one in that room got a full breath for the next five minutes. When I was finally able to talk, “OK you two talk to Judy quietly and She will make you a uniform, she is putting some interesting stuff in them these days. But you don’t ever wear it till it hits the pot.”

Reaching into the desk, I pulled out two sets of rank pins.

“Majors, you are the ones I trust with the life of Alchibah.”

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