Roughly translated into English:

“You’re not going to answer the call of the Earthmen?”

“No. If they can’t handle one fanatical member of their own, how then will they deal with the many when the forces of greed, need of resources, or population growth tempt them to the other continent?”

“Their technology has already outpaced their maturity.”

“Yes, both on their own planet and here as well. It’s unfortunate that their scientists have already stumbled upon such a quick means of transportation but they are now discovering the serious side effects of such travel beyond the fabric. Unless they also reason out how to counteract those, they travel by such means at their own peril.”

“It will be interesting to see which path the humans take. Based upon our experience with so many other young species, they only think they have a choice of two.”

“Indeed! It is such a rare pleasure when a race chooses the third way.”

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