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Afternoon Day 87

I met with John Pierce today to go over the final design of my house. We came up with some creative ways to do what I wanted, and I think it’ll be really cool in the end (as I say with my fingers crossed).

The storms we had a while back heavily influenced my plan. I wanted the house to withstand the insane hurricane and flooding.

The end result is a 30′ spherical structure, with lots of small windows. The sphere should easily withstand the winds of the hurricane, as well as any tidal waves that I may encounter (I’m next to the river, though on a cliff, so it is hard to say what I might expect). It should also be quite energy efficient. Given that we don’t have a lot of resources, and we never know what to expect, I figure conservative is best.

Then there will be a small wall that follows around the house to encourage any minor flooding to go around and down, following the natural lay of the land. I also hope it’ll keep the big bad native mofos at bay — they won’t fit nicely between the wall and the house (yes, my fingers are still crossed). There will be a gate on the North side, which will allow some water through, but Joe Fortson assures me he has a plan to make it minimal.

The main entrance will be on the South side. After a few steps up, you’re inside — imagine a circle divided into quarters. The quarter to your left is the kitchen (SW corner), to the right of that is the storage/utility area (NW corner), and then the half to your right (E side) is the living room and office/dining space. The only interior wall I’ll have will be slightly curved and will not meet the outer walls — this leaves passageways on both the kitchen side on the West and the living room side on the NE.

The stairs will be circular and will be right next to the wall, almost in the middle of the space. This leads you to the loft upstairs that’ll hold the bedroom and bathroom. The bath will be directly above the kitchen to keep the plumbing easy, and will be pretty small & basic.

There will be plenty of windows to take advantage of light and the spectacular views. They’ll be triangular or spherical, depending on placement.

At first Joe didn’t say much when he saw the plans, but the next day he approached me full of ideas. As time went on he seemed to get more and more excited about it…I think he liked a challenge and to have something new to chew on.

It isn’t on the schedule yet, but it should be great once it is done!

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