There Will be a Clan Stuart After All

Day 360 Hospital Annex, Lab Control, Liberty, Alchibah

Andrew Stuart

I stuck my head in the door and saw Kurt. “Can I go in there without getting shot?” I asked.

Kurt threw his head back and laughed, “That I can guarantee Boss, I don’t allow guns on my natal ward. Which means you will have to rack yours before you go in.”

I just shrugged and started racking and stacking, anything was better than facing an armed and pissed Mariana.

Kurt Kellerman just stared as the Boss started pulling off and out weapons. Who carried more Andy or Gabe seemed to vary from moment to moment. Kurt was just plain glad He didn’t have to cross either one.

I walked into the private room and saw Mariana and of all people Sinopa bundling up the twins. Marianas face lit up when she saw me and I knew I was going to live.

“Get over here you Smug Bastard and tell me when we can go home. But do it quietly, I just got this little terror to sleep,” she said, nodding at Terry in her arms.

I just had to grin, “In about two hours if you wish. The Bots are putting the sod back down; the tower construction is over and the mortars are sighted in.

“There is a hell of a lot of work left to do but, it won’t affect the kids.”

Mariana just stared at me, “And are you going to be around to help with the kids?”

“Love, I have everything in place I can do. I know the whole crowd is tired of hearing ‘Logistics, followed by Logistics and then Logistics’; but everything is in place. All I have to do now is train one person and worry about what hell my daughter is going to put me through.

“I have to work a few nights on the training side but, it’s time to kick back and have a life.

“Ash, Chandler and Hibbs have the in-system drive in hand and we are not going to test it where the Goonies might be able to see it. The weapons are being built and Dancer will be refitted well in advance of the Goonies arrival date. The Dora is going to be hell to pay in Atmosphere and Ash is going to have Bart and Janie up to speed on her.

“Nobody and I mean nobody will want to try to land in line of sight of our compound. As we are sitting up on that hill we can cover the Dam complex as well as Liberty proper.

“It looks like Karl and Joe are gearing up the sheepdogs that are ready to fight. God knows they have ordered enough MK 1’s to win a medium to large war.

“Sin over there has found a place for the pure sheep to hole up that is being built and fortified as we speak.

“Then of course there is the surprise I am leaving behind in our two Majors.”

“I even have the special ready for Scythe and he sights it in tonight. Everything else I need to do can be done in the Lab at the compound.”

Sinopa just nodded and grinned.

“Actually the only real problem I have is keeping Jai from ripping Lisa Davies eyes out. I can’t really tell Jai why John is spending so much time with her. Damn but that girl was born to be a spotter, how the hell did you find her?”

Mariana stared at me like I was an idiot. “How would you and Gabe find each other in the middle tail race of hell? We know our kind from a mile away, and Lisa is my kind!”

“Yeah, OK. Anyway it’s kinda time for the Boss to lay back and let LTC. Connor Benjamin run the show down here.

“I expect that Glen Travis is sorta gonna do the same kind of thing up on Mayflower. I just want to spend some time holding why I am going to do this.”

I turned as Sinopa gasped and saw Tina grab her hand and force the nipple of the bottle into her mouth and totally did not understand Her look!

Sinopa felt the tiny hands grasp hers and saw the eyes of the Young Lady. Sin had raised wild animals on two worlds now and had never seen a pair of eyes like those she gazed into. This was a young wolf like none she had ever seen; what was going to constrain her? Then she looked into the eyes of the Mother and Father of this bundle and looked back down. “Ah Tina, you are going to learn the chains of Honor, Yes you will Young Lady. Yes you will.”

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