Will They Not Just Give Up! Part II

Into the wristcomp, “Capt., Stuart here, any chance we can go for one of the docked Cruisers. They gotta be stocked for outer patrol, cause they sure did not beat us here from Earth.” “To All, if it’s a go any takers?”

The first reply was “what are you talking about”. Cursing myself for the fact that I sent the first question only to the Capt., I resent “to all, these ships are stocked for outer system patrol. Let’s take one and it’s supplies”.

From the Capt. “Could make the difference!”

Garbled reply from someone “I’m in”.

“Tim, you are in the network, get us a position on their bording points”.

From Tim “Working on it”.

“Well, Shooter, maybe hunting season ain’t over!”

“With any kind of luck Spotter!”

Then clearly from Bartlett, “I am in, get us a location!”

“Tim is working on it, stand by!”

“Spotter, strip off those two usable Black Suits.  Maybe sneaky ain’t out yet!”

“Bet we going back in the jungle, Shooter!”

“Like I said, with any kind of luck!”

To Be Continued

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