The work never ends

Day 980

My mind keeps going back to the other night…well, several nights ago now. BJ & I, some beers, and a game of backgammon. We have been hanging out a lot lately, and we finally took it upstairs. I finally like someone enough to touch me…but I had to leave it at that. I wasn’t ready…it has been so long, and it never came easily like it does with everyone else…and it had been so long. Plus, my mind kept wandering.

BJ wants a poodle???

You might as well not have a dog. I’m not crazy about dogs, but I figure around here one would come in handy, to watch your back and all. But the thought of hearing a poodle bark for warning, and the little thing running around…well, that just ain’t right.

[chuckles] Poodles.

Of all the things to be thinking about, on a day like today. The trip back to Liberty City is smooth, and I guess I’m not ready to face what awaits for us when we get back. I need something to keep my mind away from death and destruction.

But still, I should be thinking about something more important than that. But, really, a poodle? Good grief.

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