A strange new Urruth

Sarra farm
Alchibah day 981

Shintok; elron-A leaped through the hatch that dilated open in the base of skull ship 2, he landed in water that had been snow melted from the heat of the ship. Splashing through water his feet instinctively moved in a sweeping motion that was almost like paddling. The ground underneath was like nothing he had ever encountered, it felt like crunchy mud… only cold. As he reached ground that was not covered in water the crunchy sensation got even worse as did the cold

elron and his three broodmates were among the last to get off the ship, it was very dark but there was light coming from a strange geometry in the open field. Could this be some kind of hive for slaves?

There was a slave who was being torn apart by Rogans, just at that moment another slave emerged from an opening in the geometry and quickly met the same fate as the first. Although elron could understand and speak some human language the high pitch noises made by these slaves were not part of his vocabulary.

“ wrong is “ elron said to his broodmate huk “Sheen obey not, Sheen hunger is not, Shintok obey, hunger is“”

In fact elron’s complaint was justified , Shintok: cantor-S, the nominal commander of this band of Rogans had given orders not to kill any slaves unless they fought back. Unfortunately those Rogans who were Sheen had decided to ignore orders and grab a meal, elron being Shintok could not participate.

Several of the Sheen had gone into the strange geometry and returned with what could only be slave younglings, again these slaves must speak some human language other than what elron had learned. On second thought, as dark as it was elron decided that one of the creatures might be what is called a dog.

“elron” said huk ”keening is” huk pointed with one arm into the darkness, elron turned his head and bowed both keens, he could just keen something far out across the open field shaped like a slave but it was something else.
“Artifact is, slave is not, artifact moves, danger is’” with that elron reached under his torso and remove the long pipe like object which was attached to some clamps, with two arms holding and one to work the trigger, he let loose a blast of energy that came very close to hitting the distant robot. huk argo and teth, elron’s broodmates also commenced firing and soon they had scored several hits on the artifact, which separated into pieces and dropped to the ground.

The four Rogons were enjoying the heat radiating from their weapons when the voice of Shintok; cantor-S boomed out “Order is, movement must be, slave hive is not, obey “

The big Rogons began walking towards a tree covered hillside on the edge of the Sarra farm, and the Rogon band followed. Five broke off and headed through the forest towards the side of the hill. Even the Sheen obeyed, although many were carrying leftovers from the feast they had been forced to interrupt.

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