Offload Now!

     Oh no! They were waiting for us. The UNWG forces. Now what to do? Their presence made us even more determined to risk everything for our freedom. Capt Monroe sent four teams out to defend the Mayflower. You could tell immediately who would commit to “fight or flight”. The majority rallied, but some were squeamish. There was mayhem onboard. Jules Jr raced to Captain Monroe, “What if those 2 cruisers attack the Lancer? What’s the plan?”

     Captain Monroe already had the mike in his hand, and signaled for JJ to remain. Then came the announcement: “Okay everybody, stay calm. We have to evacuate the Lancer and remove all its supplies and food. Grab your bags. Hurry. Dump everything inside the Mayflower. Hurry! We could be attacked before we can lock her into the docking bay.”

     Anxious but acting quickly, I said a quick prayer as we transferred our baggage into the Mayflower. Glenda and Steven organized other teams, and concentrated on emptying the Lancer. She sent Linda and the girls to the dispensary via a tunnel transporter. Jules and I helped offload the remaining baggage, for the defense teams and several colonists who never made it on board. Then we formed bucket brigades and retrieved anything not nailed down… from berths, bar, control room, etc.

     As miscellaneous items were hastily passed forward from the berths, a tote bag burst open. An unusual array spilled out: various sized clear bags labeled spices, sugar, brewer’s yeast, gemstones, and a strange-looking 12” oval sealed container. I quickly scooped them into a laundry bag: if someone thought these items were important enough to bring along, I’d better salvage them.

     JJ hurriedly gave each section a final glance. He grabbed the last bottles from the bar (can’t forget the gin and McPherson Scotch!) and reported to the captain “All clear.” Then we ran into the Mayflower.

     Captain Monroe and his crew stayed aboard in order to defend the Lancer if she were attacked, and be ready to dock her inside the Mayflower if we were successful in our defense.

     It was eerie. The tunnel’s uneven rocky sides had amber lighting that intensified as we approached. I never liked motion-sensor illumination because I never trust the shadows. Just then we heard that the Mayflower was secured though there was still a Goonie ship parked somewhere out on the surface. Andy Stuart put out a call for help in capturing that ship and Junior took off. Maybe he could reach Andy in time to assist.

     Jules and I got on a transporter and swooshed down a side tunnel.  We thanked God for our survival thus far, and asked Him to watch over Andy and the others trying to capture the Goonie cruiser.

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