Setting Up Shop, Part I

Stuart Compound

Connor Benjamin

Elana and I had just arrived at Fort Stuart from Liberty City. Good lord I’d never been happier for PT than I was at that moment. We sprinted the over half mile across deep snow from Hanna’s to make sure the Fort was set up asap. Kara and BJ were probably five to ten minutes behind us.

I hit the buzzer. “Sally, it’s Connor,” I said as the lock quickly disengaged.

I rushed through the door with Elana close on my heels.

“Elana, downstairs. Get the systems up and running. Sally, the goonies are on their way. We need to activate the Fort’s defenses. Kara and BJ are right on our heels and they’ll be taking over, but you’re going to be needed at the lab. Somehow they got through our Travis and Andy’s perimeter – there’s already one ship landed.”

“I’ll get the kids downstairs,” she replied, heading for the nursery. “Could you grab my pack and equipment? They’re in the closet.”

Elana com’d up to him as he got Sally’s bag and arms out. “Defenses are up and running. No one within range…wait, there’s something coming in from the west.” Then Sin’s voice came in over the military com channel.

“Two ships heading south towards the City! And whatever they are, I don’t think they’re human. Watch yourself. We’ll be in touch.”

“Well, that’s different. Doesn’t change anything though.” Connor said into his wrist comp. He turned as Sally led his two girls and six robots carrying six adorable babies out of the nursery.

“Come on girls, take the kids downstairs,” he told Aya and Arra. “I’ve got to talk to Sally for a minute.”

“See you soon girls,” Sally waved goodbye to the twins as they waved back.

“You good to get to the Lab?” Connor asked.

“As good as I’m going to be. It’ll be a trek through this, but no two ways about it.” She snapped a salute which Connor returned. Then he put his hand down and hugged his friend.

“You be careful now, you hear?” he told her. “We don’t know what’s out there, and we’ll kick it’s ass, whatever it is, but in the meantime you be careful.”

“I will, don’t you worry. And remember, you owe me a drink for taking care of the twins!”

Connor laughed as she strapped the light pack on and shouldered her CAW.

“See you soon Stonewall,” she said over her shoulder as she jogged into the night.

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