Ride Hard, We Can get There By Dawn

“Gabe, lets back it down to 1 G. I am having a hell of a time breathing with this crap. Break.

“To All, as you catch up come to 1 G and pick up formation. Is there anybody in this outfit that did not get near that Damn Dog?”

Corrine Williams was the first to speak, “Yeah, Jeff and me. We have been on ship the whole time working on the new gyro’s for the sighting system, why?”

Andy had to finish a hacking, coughing attack before he could answer clearly, “Because those of us who have been using adrenaline and metabolic control to hold back the symptoms of that damn flu have a a hell of a price to pay.

“Gabe, how you doing over there?”

The answer was a groaning raspy voice, “About the same as you. Shitty! Explain it to the Girl!”

“We can kinda make Mama Nature stand in line but sooner or later She gets Hers. We have to stand down for a while sooner or later,” Andy finished with another racking coughing fit. “So the question is are you Deep Space qualified as a Pilot?”

“Yes and so is Jeff, Al would not take anyone who could not at least fly us back. What is it you want us to do?

“We are going to get everyone in formation and then slave our controls to yours. Can you and Jeff handle this while we rest up?”

“Yeah Andy, we can split the time and get some rest ourselves. We are not fighting that damn flu after all.”

“Good, BREAK. Ash, how long can we stay at 1 G acceleration?”

“Wish I could say more Cuz but, three hours till flip-over then three hours more. Then we got to kick em hard again to match vectors. Besides Jai’s gonna need some help!”

Andy groaned, “Agreed on both counts. Six hours it is then. Everyone get fed up, take the treat the symptoms medications and most importantly get some sleep. We won’t get there as fast but a least we’ll be worth a damn when we do.”

“Six Hours then we Ride Hard till Dawn!”

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