Ambush at The Lab

From the Logs of Sally Kellerman RN APRN

I entered the Lab to find only Chris Petersen rigging the computer system up in Defense Mode and Kurt was nowhere in sight. “Where is my Husband?”

Chris looked surprised, “He went up to the caves with all of the vaccine except for the two he left us. We have been so busy sticking everyone in sight we forgot to do us!

“So, and I love being able to say this once; drop those pants and bend over CPT.”

As I glared at him at my anger was lost in that big open smile, He and Robby were two of an irreverent kind. As I complied I reminded him, “Just remember I get to do you next!”

“Oh Shit,” Chris exclaimed, “Message received, CPT.”

After we had finished sticking each other, Chris broke out his rifle and complained, “The Boss built me this perfectly good piece but, all I have is two mags of ammo.”

I watched him pull out a MK 1 .338 Lapua variant and just had to grin. I walked over to the well hidden compartment and dropped it open to reveal the MBR that Mariana had given me. “Think you can use some of these Mags?” Tossing him a bag of ten 20 round .338 Hollow Points mags, I quipped, “Our Andy been a busy little Boy.”

Just at that point the computer began softly chiming. Chris looked at the screen and said, “Here they come, two Aliens and Five Goonies. You wanta take the other door?”

I just nodded and went through the new door to Treatment. Walt and John had put that in after winter started and keeping with Andy’s original design intent, it was built like an airlock even though it was standing open now. I moved through Treatment and to the new lobby door with it’s firing slits, Chris and I were now 90 degrees apart facing Andy’s killing field. I plugged my headset into the intercom jack, “In position and ready!”

Chris spoke quickly, “What say we take the aliens first. I got the one on the left, in three, two, one, now!”

We both squeezed at exactly the same time and the two aliens seemed to almost explode. Then Chris’s voice rang over the loudspeakers, “You arseholes want to see the dawn, drop them shooters and get face down.”

Naturally the young looking LT. Had to try it. The two rounds from the poor mans .50 that was the .338 literally tore him in half. The other four were face down before another breath.

Chris and I took turns going out the doors so that the four were always covered.

Chris cheerfully announced, “Gentlemen, you are now Officially Prisoners of War to Strike Force Alchibah. If in your limited education you have ever heard of the old US UCMJ, just live by it and you live. If not the CPT. over there has quite the reputation for how to deal with assholes.”

I was actually able to not grin as Chris moved amongst them, searched them and tied them up. I heard one, I could not tell which mutter, “Thank Fracking God, that’s over with.”

Fifteen minutes later with them safely strapped on Treatment tables, I was able to ask, “What the hell was that big boom?”

Chris looked up, “I don’t know but, the land line to Hanna’s Place is down!”

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